10 Fun Family Films for a Halloween Movie Night Party

If your family is thinking of hosting a fun night of tricks and treats for a Halloween party, you can make your celebration even more spooky by showing a Halloween movie. Instead of the typical night of candy and Halloween activities, keep the kids entertained with a dose of ghoulish fun on a big screen in your backyard. It’s easy to rent a projector and hook up your computer and a set of speakers to get your party going. Here are 10 movies that can contribute to the fun and spooky atmosphere for your child’s Halloween party.

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
“The Nightmare Before Christmas” should be at the top of your list of Halloween movie possibilities. Released in 1993, this stop-motion animation classic features Tim Burton’s signature quirky look, unique characters, and memorable songs. With a runtime of about an hour and fifteen minutes, this movie would be perfect for kids in the upper grades of elementary school. You can even design your party around the film’s iconic style, with patchwork pumpkin centerpieces and Jack Skellington black and white globe lights throughout your space.

2. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
For a party centered around a classic Halloween story and style, try showing “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” This movie started out as a television special on CBS in 1966. Perfect for even the youngest of children with a short running time of 25 minutes, the special offers viewers some wholesome Halloween cheer without the scares.

3. Hocus Pocus
Another movie from 1993 is “Hocus Pocus,” starring Bette Midler as the leader of a trio of villainous witches. If your older child is looking for something a little more wicked and wild, this film may be it. Have your child invite all of his or her favorite friends over, and celebrate the season with all things witches.

4. ParaNorman
The next movie on the list that could offer your kids and their friends some fun on Halloween is “ParaNorman,” released in 2012. This animated flick was also released in 3D, so you could even try your hand at projecting it as it was supposed to be viewed. As your guests arrive you could pass out 3D glasses for a more intense viewing experience. Then, you could watch everyone enjoy the classic story of an outcast and his search for a place to belong to.

5. Casper
For preteen girls, one movie that could be a perfect story for Halloween is “Casper” from 1995. This sweet plot combines humor and a little bit of romance between Christina Ricci’s character and the human form of the title character. Be prepared with tissues for the last scene of the movie when the two love interests share a slow dance.

6. Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie
If you’re looking for something really low on the spooky factor, try “Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie” from 2005. Little kids will love seeing the classic characters from the Hundred Acre Wood celebrate the fun of Halloween with the Heffalump.

7. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
When you need a Halloween movie that does have a bit more thrills, try “Wallace & Gromit; The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.” This Academy Award winning film could keep your older elementary school kids mesmerized for about an hour and 25 minutes. Kids will love the unique animation style and plot.

8. Hotel Transylvania
“Hotel Transylvania” is another movie for kids who can handle a little bit of spooky atmosphere. They will be rewarded with a story of two worlds colliding, the world of monsters and the world of regular humans. Silly fun and jokes are also one of the highlights of this family favorite. If you want to take advantage of some of the features of this film, try decorating your party with some of Dracula’s favorite accessories like fake teeth and red food coloring as blood.

9. Monster House
The next movie to consider showing for a party of brave kids is “Monster House” from 2006. Relativity media and Executive Ryan Kavanaugh brought this cutting-edge film to big screens, giving kids an exciting thrill for Halloween. Bring some of the film’s look to your party by using creepy house-shaped cookies and ghoulish green punch.

10. Coraline
The last movie that would be a great addition to any Halloween party is “Coraline,” which hit theaters in 2009. This dark film was based on a book of the same title, and it shows the power of a child’s imagination. While not primarily a Halloween movie, the story brings creatures like ghosts and witches on screen to give it a frightening atmosphere that would be ideal for children older than eight.

Planning a Halloween party for your child and his or her friends can be daunting if you don’t want to invest the time and money for elaborate activities. Instead, try showing a spooky movie that would help deliver the fun of Halloween to all of your guests.


  1. Hocus Pocus is a must for us every Halloween. That and Halloweentown.

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