3 Dream Islands To Visit in 2017

Summer is upon us and with it comes dreams of impossibly blue lagoons, white gold sands and intrepid journeys to wildlife wonderlands.

We’ve picked out 3 contrasting islands that you might want to visit in 2017. So, whether you’re seeking blissful relaxation on tropical beaches, getting up close and personal with the world’s most rare flora and fauna or an exotic and unconventional escape you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Havelock Island (Andaman Islands) – Far flung adventure

Situated in the Bay of Bengal, over 1000km from the coast of India, Havelock Island offers lush forested interior, incredible diving possibilities and breathtakingly beautiful beaches making in the perfect exotic island escape.

Adding to the intrigue is Havelock’s far flung location. Havelock is part of the Andaman islands, which are still home to many of the world’s reaming indigenous peoples. Yet, while many of the islands remain off limits to tourist, Havelock is very much open for adventure.

Mnemba Island  (Zanzibar) – Barefoot luxury

Voted one of the most romantic islands in the world, Mnemba is the ultimate tropical paradise complete with white sands, palm trees and turquoise waters.  It’s also Zanzibar’s prime diving and snorkelling site, with a huge array of marine life, including barracuda, moray eels, reef sharks and lots of colourful smaller species.

Madagascar –  Wildlife wonderland

If you fancy a search for the aye-aye or any of the other 49 species of tree-dwelling lemur, or have the urge to identify 300 or so types of reptile, Madagascar is your island

The island’s habitats, from rainforest to limestone plateaux, are home to the rarest of birds and the smallest of primates. The terrain can make travel difficult, but if you are a natural history gourmet, Madagascar has no equals.

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