4 Key Considerations When You’re Moving Office

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Moving to a new office is a significant milestone for any company. It implies business growth and new beginnings.  The Company will have a new corporate image and adopt new systems and processes that could affect the work place’s productivity.

An office move must be organized and well-thought-out beforehand.

  1.    Planning and budget

Just like any other project, an office move needs to be drafted before the actual move. To guarantee a stress-free and efficient office moving process, it’s crucial to designate a committee or person to be responsible for the entire operating from planning the layout, organizing the pre-move, actual move and post-move.

His or her responsibilities must include:

  • Arranging moving Insurance.
  • Planning and oversee the packing process.
  • Communicate all the details of the move to fellow employees.
  • Updating company information for creditors and customers.
  • Strategically plan the placement of office equipment and furniture before the move takes place.
  • Sourcing and hiring of office removalists.
  • Compile a budget for the moving project and consider any repair or renovation expenses that may be required at the new location.
  1.    Hiring the right movers

Hiring a reputable and experienced corporate moving Company is a vital part of the moving process to make the experience as easy-going and stress-free as possible. The Company must have a highly specialized and professional team who have relevant experience with doing corporate moves, such as http://shangronginternationalmovers.com. It will be highly advantageous to find the right company and hire them at least two months before the moving date as good movers are usually booked out two to three months ahead of time.

  1.    Hiring professional packers

It is not a pre-requisite to hire professional packers, but if your budget can accommodate this service, it can be highly beneficial to make use of an expert to assist with all your packing needs. If you’re in New Jersey, make sure to consider Vector Moving for your moving needs.

Common areas that can be tricky to pack include:

  • Project rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Foyer
  • Executive offices
  • Boardrooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Function rooms

A professional team will arrive at your offices, armed with the appropriate packing materials and can provide you with transport, storage or shipping office to ensure that all your corporate belongings arrive safely and securely at the new building.

  1. Managing transformation after the move

The move doesn’t end with setting up the equipment and placing furniture. There may be new technologies and systems to be learned. Some employees may find it more difficult to adjust to the new office environment than others. The designated person or committee need to create a practice to ensure feedback from employees so that all aspects relating to the relocation can be amended to make everyone feel well adjusted and part of a corporate team. It is not possible to adhere to every single request, but with continuous involvement and keeping communication channels open with employees, it will make them feel more comfortable with the move and allow them to settle easier into the new office.

Relocating offices can be a major event and significant adjustment for any Company. With proper planning, professional assistance, expectations management, and continuous communication it can be a welcome prospect for development and growth.

4 Key Considerations When You’re Moving Office

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