4 Top Tips for Enjoying Luxury for Less as You Travel

If you’re like most people, you fancy traveling to distant destinations and enjoying luxury hotels and resorts, but you feel held back by your wallet. The good news is that luxury travel is possible without breaking the bank. Here, we look at some tips you can use to travel in luxury like a pro.


  • Use aggregator websites to identify the cheapest rooms


Once you decide which luxury hotel you want to stay at, start by searching online for the cheapest room it has to offer. This may appear difficult because there are numerous hotel search websites nowadays, but by using aggregator websites such as Trivago, the search will be easy.

Aggregator sites are extremely useful as they carry out an instant hotel room search at a multitude of hotel search sites, such as Hotels.com and Booking.com and bring up the best rates. As soon as you get the cheapest hotel room rate on the aggregator site, you can do either one of the following.

If you’re booking a room in a large hotel chain like Hyatt or Hilton, book directly on their official site through the Best Rate Guarantee program. This way, you get an extra sizable discount as well as redeemable loyalty points that can get you free nights.


  • Google search for the cheapest flights


When planning luxury trips, use airfare search engines such as Kayak to book the cheapest plane ticket. Just like hotel room search aggregator sites, airfare search engines instantly search several ticketing sites. Google Flights is another useful tool that can come to your aid. It displays suggestions of inexpensive travel destinations once you enter the country/city and travel dates and select the ‘Explore Destinations’ option.


  • Follow Well-Established, Renowned Travel Bloggers


You can redeem hotel stays, free flights, car rentals, updates, etc. from miles/points accumulated from loyalty programs offered by various hotels and airlines. Take part in these programs in order to make sizable savings through extra-cheap fare and other benefits.

Nonetheless, learning how to efficiently accumulate points/miles takes a lot of time and effort. However, you can learn faster by following famous travel bloggers on social media and subscribing to their newsletters in order to get regular tips and tricks and updates on promotions.


  • Travel to up-and-coming destinations


Traveling to the most popular travel destinations, such as Maldives, is fine. However, these places can be quite expensive, especially in the high season. As a result, smart travelers go for alternative destinations that offer unique experiences at affordable rates. You can go to the same countries but visit alternative towns rather than going to the major towns.

For example, instead of visiting Paris next time you are in France, you can visit Barcelonnette, Provence; or instead of visiting Tokyo in Japan, you can visit Kanazawa or Sapporo. Along with those, some great countries to visit include Mongolia, Iran, and Cuba among others.

Following the above tips among others ensures that you enjoy luxury travels without exceeding your budget.


Mathew Reim has been traveling the world and visiting luxury resorts for nearly a decade. While on luxury trips, he enjoys immersing himself in local cultures, especially seeking out local wildlife and learning the language.

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