5 Delicious Pork Recipes You HAVE To Try

If you love pork, you’ve probably tried your fair share of recipes. And it’s no wonder why – it’s a versatile, delicious meat that compliments many dishes. From roasted hams to pork chops, carnitas to sliced ham sandwiches, there’s really no end to what you can make with it! (Plus, what holiday would be complete without the perfect honey roasted ham?) That’s why we’ve scoured an extensive recipe database for our top 5 must-try pork recipes!

  1. Enjoy a Sweet & Hearty Breakfast

Start the day off right with this amazing breakfast! Apple & cinnamon pork french toast is a decadent, savory way to begin your day. This treat can also make for a fantastic appetizer if you plan on a big breakfast, or a satisfying treat if you want to split it in half and have it as snacks throughout the day! Enjoy a fresh bowl of berries with it (or on it!) for an extra treat.

  1. Kick it Up with Savory Potatoes

What goes better with the pigskin season than some porky treats? These Porky’s Potato canoes are perfect for any pregame or halftime snack-down! They’re the perfect finger food for hungry fans. They go well with other appetizers, or can be made into a meal of their own with an arugula salad and chicken wings!

Source: https://smithfieldfoodservice.com/recipe/southwestern-bbq-rice-bowl/

  1. Try a Fresh & Tasty Rice Bowl

If you want something with a little more greenery, enjoy a fresh and tasty BBQ rice bowl! this delicious recipe is perfect on its own or with complimentary fresh sides like corn on the cob and homemade salsa and chips. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, as a lunch or dinner, and is great any time of the year!

  1. Try to Find More Delectable Sliders than These

This is the perfect pork belly slider recipe! These sweet and spicy sliders are perfect for game day, picnics, or the weekends. (They’re so delectable, they may even transform your Monday blues into Friday fever!) Though these are a real crowd pleaser, you may just want to hog this porky delights all to yourself!

  1. An Unbeatable Hearty Ham Dinner

Are you ready for this ultimate ham dinner? Bacon. Stuffed. Pork Chops. This fantastic recipe comes straight from the heavens! It pairs well with light salads, loaded potatoes, and thin soups. You have no truly enjoyed pork chops, bacon, or ham in general until you’ve tried this recipe!

So what do you think? What are some of your favorite recipes? Did any of our picks catch your eye? If you want to find some more awesome recipes to try out, or news about Smithfield Foods click here.

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