5 Dog-Friendly Vacation Ideas

The key to dog-friendly travel is to find the right destinations to share with your pooch. In addition to planning the logistics of transporting your dog, you should look into what locations can accommodate and entertain your pet. The following are some general ideas to get you started on your pet-friendly adventure.

Coastal retreats

Vacations to coastal and island destinations can be perfect for dog owners. Many beach vacation rentals accommodate dogs, and there are generally plenty of activities to enjoy with your furry friend. You can take a walk on the beach and watch your pup play in the waves. There might even be annual island events for dog owners, helping you plan your vacation accordingly. Nantucket, MA and Sanibel Island, FL are just two of the many coastal destinations with pet-friendly attractions.


If you are a dog owner and outdoor lover, camping with your pup can be a dream vacation. Whether you are pitching a tent in the wilderness or trailer camping with your family, bringing your dog along can keep you active for the whole trip. Your dog will be by your side while hiking, swimming, and exploring new places. Just be sure to check with the campground or park to ensure that they allow dogs. You should also confirm leash rules, vaccination requirements, and other regulations.

Cozy cottages

Cottages are a great option when traveling during any season, and they are often open to dogs. Whether you are looking for a rustic cabin in Maine or dog-friendly cottages in Cornwall, there is certainly a destination for you in your corner of the world. Once you check with the host that its okay to bring your dog, book the place and get ready for a fun vacation. You can walk through the neighborhood, play fetch in the yard, and go on fun day trips with your dog. This type of trip is a great way to embrace nature and enjoy a cozy home.

Dog-friendly cities

An urban setting might not be the first place that comes to mind when planning a trip with your dog. However, some cities are ideal for furry travelers. Washington, DC, for example, is home to beautiful dog parks where you can let your pooch run off-leash and meet city dogs. Smaller cities like Ithaca and Geneva in the finger lakes region in Upstate New York have a host of dog-friendly wineries and breweries. Locations like this allow you to enjoy a city’s culture while keeping your dog happy.

Fun staycations

You don’t need to book a faraway vacation to spend more time with your dog. If you have some time off, consider taking a staycation instead. During this time, take your dog for extra walks, spend time at the dog park, and set up doggy play dates. Even snuggling your pet on the couch might be enough for both of you. Your dog will be happy for the extra exercise and time with you, and you can enjoy some much-needed relaxation.

When planning a vacation with your dog, be sure to check the regulations at your accommodations and prepare a travel kit for your animal. You can enjoy every moment of your dog-friendly trip by prepping ahead of time.

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