5 Inspiring Blogs for New Mothers

The experience of becoming a new mother is laden with different emotions. On the one hand, this is considered one of the most monumental phases in a woman’s life, which makes you feel proud. However, you have seen other new moms struggle with parenting and as such, having a baby coming can also lead to dread. What if you are not up to the task? What about all the health complications? And the horror stories about new babies?

Well, things don’t have to be too scary because after all, you are not the only mum in town. One thing about parenting is that people are always willing to share their ideas. This is where mom blogs come in handy. Blogging has in a big way revolutionized modern parenting and you should leverage the popularity of these platforms to get new ideas.

Creating a blog is easy and fast and this is the reason why everywhere you look, you will find a new blog for new parents. Whether you have an idea about a new blog or you just want information from established mom bloggers, below are some of the fantastic blogs you should be reading:


  • Scary Mommy


Since 2008, Jill Smokler has been blogging on this platform and through her experiences, thousands of new mothers have become better parents. Jill shares experiences as a stay-at-home-mom and the best thing about her posts is the fact that they are personal, funny and easy to relate to.


  • The Mom Stays in the Picture


This is one of the most established new mom blogs which was started by Allison Tate of Huffington Post. The idea is to share experiences in pictures and now that cameras are all over, it is easier than ever.


  • Pregnant Chicken


This is one of the most hilarious parenting blogs, not just for new mothers but everyone who has a funny bone.  Amy Morrison is a delight to read every day and it is no wonder Pregnant Chicken gets rave reviews everywhere. For the best parenting advice with a humorous touch, this is the blogger you should be reading.


  • Lay Baby Lay


Joni Lay is the mom behind this beautiful and inspiring blog. Truth be told, every new mom struggles with the transition from an ordinary homeowner into a mom. This means everything in the house has to change and the designing ideas can be intimidating. Luckily, help is here in the form of Joni who shares design ideas and all-round motherhood inspiration.


  • Baby Without Fear


What is the most difficult thing new mothers have to contend with? No, it’s not the baby’s wailing and bawling but decision making. January Harshe knows this and helps with informative and empowering posts on this blog. This blog helps with decision making right from the pregnancy stage to childbirth and beyond. From prenatal health, baby care, and stay-at-home mom among other topics, you will find it all here.

Other mom blogs worth mention are Baby FoodE, Mommy Shorts, Fit to Be Pregnant, Ashley’s Green Life, First Time Mom &Dad, Money Saving Mom, and Can Do Kiddo among others. Go on and read these blogs and you will get inspired to start your own along the way.

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Sheila Keys is an internet marketer, stay-at-home-mom, entrepreneur and mentor based in Miami. She says creating a blog is easy and fast and encourages more moms to share and monetize their blogs. Sheila is also certified diving instructor.

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