5 Reason To Buy Reusable Grocery Bags

Going for Grocery Shopping? Don’t forget your Reusable tote bags at home!

As the world is growing and progressing, our beautiful planet and its beauty is depleting faster, the harmful greenhouse gases, the deteriorating ozone layers, the landfills stuffed with non-biodegradable wastes are all contributing to global warming and climate change. The protection of the planet and sustainable growth has become a prime a prime concern for common people, governments and corporates alike. Go green has emerged as a slogan for many brands and campaigns have been triggered to make efforts to protect the planet. Since all of us are required to play our role in taking care of the planet, it is important that we take care of the little things that we do in our daily lives that can possibly harm the planet in the worst possible manner.

One of the most harmful things that cause environmental pollution is the use of plastic bags that are generally used for groceries. They do not decompose in the landfills and are responsible for leaving a huge carbon footprint with the emission of harmful gases. In the recent past, governments and corporates have worked together to create awareness of using plastic bags and are suggesting to use more environment-friendly alternatives. Although there have been multiple environment-friendly options that are now available online, our best pick are the reusable shopping bags.

Reusable grocery bags are carrier bags that are meant to be used over and over again as an alternative to plastic or paper bags that are usually not used more than once. They were first introduced in the late 1970s in the United States, however, they have gained huge popularity in other parts of the world in a short span of time. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider using a reusable bag for your grocery shopping and ditch the conventional paper bags.

They are the Most Environment-Friendly Option
One thing is established that plastic bags are a no-no for grocery shopping for the string carbon footprint that they leave. That brings us down to cardboard or disposable paper bags versus the reusable grocery bags. They are made out of fiber oriented materials such as jute, canvas or synthetic fibers.

Advocates of plastic bags argue that the production of reusable grocery bags is not very energy friendly and the amount of energy that it takes to produce one reusable grocery bag is enough to produce about 28 plastic bags. However, this claim can easily be refuted by the fact that reusable bags can easily be washed and can be used over and over again for a long period of time. This means that a single reusable bag can be used much more than 28 times without leaving any carbon footprint and is, therefore, a more environment-friendly option. While disposable paper bags also have little or no carbon footprint, they still cannot be compared to reusable bags because they are disposable and the paper itself requires a lot of tree cutting.

They are Multi-Purpose
The best thing about them is that their utility goes much beyond grocery shopping. You can use them as an excellent storage solution. Tote away the hoard of books on your shelf in these bags so that you can make space for some new ones or use them to gather and store the clutter of toys that your kids have so that your house looks organized and not a mess. You can also use them as laundry bags, replace them with picnic baskets and much more.

They Take Less Space
Space is a serious issue in most living spaces especially in households with kids. Storage is a major concern and you do want to avoid buying anything that would occupy an unnecessary space anywhere in your house. These bags win additional brownie points because they can be folded and stored in a corner of a cupboard, a closet, a drawer or any small space in your house without creating any space issues. You can even keep fold them and keep them in your car to avoid forgetting them the next time you go grocery shopping.

They are Fashionable
Reusable grocery shopping bags are now being created in different colors, styles and sizes and people actually are buying these days because it’s a trend. There are people who hoard these reusable bags and sport them on their shopping sprees. There are people who even personalize their grocery shopping bags by signing their name or initials over it. Above all totes are always evergreen.

They Can be DIYed
If you have a crafty side to you, you will love reusable grocery shopping bags. Even if crafting is not your cup of tea, DIYing your own grocery tote is a whole lot of fun activity and is highly therapeutic. Pinterest is full of super easy DIY tote tutorials. You can make yourself a personalized grocery tote and save your buying costs.

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