5 Reasons To Visit Mexico in 2019

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Millions of tourists pour into Mexico every year, eager to explore and experience the unique and diverse Mexican culture. Maybe you’re still unsure what all the hype is about, or maybe you’re researching for your next holiday idea. Well, look no further, because Mexico has it all!

Read on for the five most compelling reasons to visit Mexico in 2019!

  1. The food is incredible!

We’re not just talking guacamole and tacos (although guacamole and tacos are pretty amazing in of themselves)- authentic Mexican food is delicious and varies by region.

In the north, you’ll find lots of fresh seafood and white cheese, while in the south you might find more rice and beans. That’s not even to mention the plethora of fresh and delicious tropical fruits that you won’t find north of the border!

Mexicans love to use a wide variety of spices that give their food a distinctive, vibrant color and flavor that is worth a visit! Sorry for making you hungry- guess you’ll just have to go and see for yourself!

  1. Rich history and culture

Many people looking for an interesting cultural experience automatically think of Europe, but Mexico actually has a rich and fascinating history and culture.

From the wondrous architecture of the Mayans to the legacy of the conquistadors, Mexico has a truly unique and diverse culture. Mexico City is home to more than 100 museums and several UNESCO World Heritage sites.

For travelers who love music and festivals, Mexico is also home to thousands of festivals year round! Whatever your cultural interests are, Mexico has something for you.

  1. Stunning natural beauty

Mexico is world-renowned for its natural beauty, from sweeping beaches to striking volcanoes.

Whether hiking in the jungles is your idea of a good time or you prefer to lay by a pristine ocean, Mexico truly has it all. The calm waters around Mexico are home to all manners of marine life, from whales to turtles. On land, you are more likely to see monkeys or hairless dogs called “xoloitzcuintlis” (say that five times quickly!). Mexico is also home to swimming pools; old sinkholes filled with warm water that you can swim in.

There is so much diversity and beauty you will never get bored of exploring and experiencing all that Mexico can offer. There are plenty of tours and experiences out there if you just search. Look for reputable organisations like Cancun tours for the best prices and experiences.

  1. Friendly people

For inexperienced travelers or those who don’t speak the language, travelling can be daunting and intimidating. Add rude or aggressive locals into the mix, and travelling can even be unpleasant.

Luckily, Mexicans are famous for being friendly and helpful to tourists! As long as you attempt to speak Spanish and respect the local customs, you will find people are very willing to help you out. Hospitality is an important pillar of Mexican culture that extends far beyond being friendly in bars- you might be invited to eat in people’s’ homes or see how much effort is poured into parties.

This warm attitude makes Mexico incredibly appealing for tourists and will help your experience in Mexico be rich and enjoyable!

  1. Affordability

Last but not least – Mexico is an affordable destination for most people. Everything from resorts to food tends to be cheaper than equivalent services in other Caribbean or North American countries.

Getting more bang for your buck is helpful because it helps you experience more for the same amount of money. You can use the leftover money you save to go towards other experiences! This is also important for budget travellers or families.

Hopefully this list inspired you to put Mexico on the top of your travel list! It’s strength as a holiday destination lies in its diversity and welcoming atmosphere.

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