5 Steps!

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So one of the most exciting things ever happened to night (or at least most exciting to me and my husband, at least)… Our daughter took her first 5 steps all by herself!  Ahh, it was so exciting!  I’m so proud of my little girl!  What happened was she was standing at the couch and my husband was sitting on the floor a couple feet away.  He held her cup out to her to see if she wanted something to drink, and she let go of the couch and took 5 steps to him!  I started crying.  Lol.

Children grow up way too fast, that’s for sure!

Today I am definitely most thankful for Riley taking her first steps all by herself.  🙂

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  1. Isn’t it funny how our hearts get tugged in two? Part of me wants my babies to just stop growing up and stay put, and the other part cheers like crazy every time they learn something new!

  2. That’s so great! I agree they do grow up too fast. My babies are six months on the seventh and are starting to crawl. It’s so crazy. I wish they would stay little just a little longer but I love watching them learn and grow!

  3. Congratulations-we didn’t have blogs to post things like that when ours took their first…very exciting (man, do I sound old??)
    What a lovely reason to be thankful.
    Peace and good to you and your new walker (look out, world!)

  4. Oh! Congrats! It’s true it does go much too fast!

  5. Awe! Congrats on the lil’ ones first steps! What an adorable family picture. Though give it a few months of chasing her around you may long for the days when she was less mobile 🙂

  6. It’s so wonderful to see our babies take their first steps! I have five children and every time I cried! Now I’m waiting for my first grandchild to take her first steps..so exciting! You have a beautiful family!

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  7. How exciting! Time to put the gates up. ;0
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  8. How exciting! What a cutie pie she is!

  9. And, then she’s off!

    Enjoy the journey. You’re going to see things you’ve never seen before. Everything looks different when one is always looking up!


  10. How sweet. I remember when all 6 of my kiddies took their first steps!

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  11. This is what make us mothers. So many moments like this are so touching and they mean the world to us. Congrats on her first steps.

  12. Very exciting! Soon you’ll be running to keep up with her.

  13. That is so awesome!!!! I love it. My daughter is 5.5 months old and every little milestone is happening so quickly. I feel like I’m crying all the time over every step she takes towards growing up. Sniff. It happens so quickly. This month was sitting by herself. Next will be crawling. Sometimes I just want to freeze time. Congrats!!!

  14. Enjoy it while she is little. Ours have grown so fast…

  15. Exciting! They do grow up quickly so enjoy it all while you can 🙂

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  16. I love it! I’m 70 years old and even my grandchildren are mostly grown so this takes me back many years. I still remember my children’s first steps and I was as excited as you are. Your baby will grow up so fast, honey. I know some days will seem like six forevers, but over all, she will be grown and gone before you know it. Enjoy every minute. Let the housework go and play with her while you can. Blessings. Deb

  17. This is a special time! You wait until she gets a little better on her feet. She will keep you on your toes all the time 🙂

  18. Awwww, that’s fun and exciting. My kids are all teenagers, so I can testify that they do grow up way to fast!

  19. It’s a great milestone. So many more to come!!!!!!!!

  20. The first of many milestones to come!

  21. Congratulations! I can imagine the happiness! It makes me more inspired being pregnant, knowing I will be able to witness the same remarkable moment myself!
    This is Sanna from Woman Scribbles blog. I appreciate you dropping by my blog. Following you via Linky now!

  22. Paula Baker says

    It’s so amazing when they start doing all these things. Make sure to take pictures of it all and write the details down. They grow up so fast!

  23. Lovely to hear she’s walking. Those are such amazing memories. I love the pics too.

  24. Oh the first steps!! Such a great feeling and at the same time I always was a bit sad, you are right it goes so fast!! But they are so happy as they start to master this new skill!! So many fun times to come! Enjoy!!

  25. The “firsts” in our children’s lives are so exciting! I have my 3rd child now, and though I may not be quite as googly-eyed as I was with the first child, every accomplishment for each child is still wonderful and something we celebrate!! Have fun with your fast-growing baby!!

  26. Awe…… How exciting time really does go by way to fast my babies are now 27, 23, 22, and 19. You still have so many first to treasure and enjoy!!

  27. That’s awesome! I remember when my sons took their first steps and that was many, many years ago.

  28. Enjoyed your posting and have liked your Facebook page. 🙂

  29. That’s great that you both were there to experience it as a family.

  30. Nichole @ readitagainmama says

    Love witnessing all of my children’s milestones. Nothing brings more warmth to your heart.

  31. Congratulations on your baby’s major milestone! My daughter was 10 months old when she took her first steps and her dad and I were so overcome with joy! My daughter is now 11 years old! You’re so right about our little ones growing up so fast. Time flies!

  32. Oh you are in for SUCH a fun ride now! I remember my son’s first steps – so cute and soon after he was Mr. Independence! 🙂

  33. That is awesome! Dontcha just LOVE seeing your baby do all her firsts!?!?! It’s so amazing to watch our little ones grow. I just want to stop time for a little while.

  34. Tonia @thechattymomma says

    I remember my daughters first steps like yesterday. The time does fly by. Enjoy every moment!

  35. That is so great – congratulations to her and I’m so glad you got to experience it with her!

  36. They do grow up fast and it is important to cherish these moments.

  37. That is so exciting! Congratulations to your little one 🙂 And you are right – they do grow up way to fast!

  38. We had three babies in a year, and I don’t remember when any of them walked! I thought I remembered every day of their lives, but I guess I’m wrong! But I know this time is vere exciting for you.

  39. How very sweet. I think it’s wonderful that both you and your husband saw those first steps together.

  40. It’s exciting when they start taking their first steps! Enjoy it! The time really does slip away too fast and before you know it, off to college! Congratulations and keep up the optimism!

  41. How lovely! I’m not a parent, but I can appreciate the joy of reaching milestones.

  42. What a beautiful family you have! Congratulations on your baby’s milestone! That’s always so exciting. I still remember when each of mine starting walking and they’re 10, 8, and 6 now.


  43. Congrats! Put on your running shoes because you will need them soon to keep up with her.

    Thanks for this great post!
    Still Dating My Spouse

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  44. Way to go little girl!!! That is so exciting. I have 3girls and it never gets old. 🙂 xoxo- Rachel @ http://www.BubblyNatureCreations.com

  45. Congrats! That is exciting! I agree, kids do grow up too fast. The minute they begin walking feels like the “baby” part of them is gone. Well, kinda, the “baby” really never disappears. Anyway, congrats again! Beautiful family you have there!

  46. What a milestone and aren’t you glad that you have this blog to look back on and share with her in future?

  47. Treasure those firsts! Before you know it, she’ll be 13 – like my baby!

  48. That’s adorable… my 10 month old niece just started walking. She’s so tiny, but so cute walking all over the place!

  49. Congrats to Riley! How exciting – it really does go by quickly and things like this happen when you least expect it. Our daughter took her first steps in a restaurant in Newport, Maine!

  50. Before you know it, you will be chasing her around the house! haha… congrats on the walking! Time does fly when you have kids.

  51. What a great time of your life! I remember both of my kids taking their first steps. I understand the crying part too!

  52. They definitely grow up too fast. Congratulations and enjoy!

  53. Awwww, first steps are so bittersweet! My kids are 7, 5, & 3 and I remember when they started walking. It goes so fast! Enjoy!!

  54. Jennie@my3ringcircus.org says

    That is a huge milestone! Watch out, you are going to be one busy Mommy now! They never look back once they take those first few steps. They run next, I mean way faster then you thought they could! ha. Enjoy every single minute!

  55. YAY! Our third child is sixteen months old right now, and although he has been able to take steps since he was 12 months, he just BARELY started to consistently walk this week. It is so exciting! Treasure every moment!

  56. Congrats! That is so precious!

  57. Donn McDine says

    How exciting! Thanks for sharing such precious moments!

  58. What a wonderful day, and you both got to see it together. Enjoy. they do grow fast…

  59. Your baby is so adorable!!! I have two girls (1 and 2 1/2) and I have to admit that it was just as exciting when my youngest learned to walk as when my first learned to walk! It never gets old! I love and hate milestones! I love that my little ones are growing and learning, but hate that they are growing so fast and this precious time only lasts a little while. Someone once told me that you have a baby for a year and a child for a lifetime so cherish the baby year because it goes by way too fast! Thanks for sharing!

  60. seeing my baby’s milestones definitely brings joy to my heart!I’m sure I’ll be as excited as you when my baby takes his first few steps by himself!

  61. They certainly do grow up too fast… enjoy every moment!

  62. fun! The world will never be the same again!

  63. Jenni & Jody says

    That is one of the most exciting moments in all of life! Congratulations.

  64. Love it! So exciting when that happens!!!

  65. It’s always so fun when they take that first step! They do grow up so fast. I’m trying to remind myself of this when things get crazy at home!!

  66. That’s really exciting!! Congratulations. I love that you are enjoying life so much.

  67. Aw, so sweet. Proud mama moment! Look out world!

  68. How exciting for you!

  69. love those t-shirt!

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