5 Things to Know About Phuket Before You Travel There

With a coastal belt of over 45 kilometers, Phuket is one of the world’s largest islands in Thailand, yet the most beautiful one. The island is home to vibrant multi ethnic culture, marvelous Buddhist temples, gorgeous forests leading to beautiful waterfalls and springs. The liveliness of the city can be gauged by the fact that it was one of the worst affected regions after Phi islands. The island saw over 100,000 deaths due to the fateful morning of 26th December 2004, yet it is one of the most happening destinations in the country. The island has rebuilt itself fairly quickly and night clubs, bars and sophisticated resorts are lining the beach belt. If you are planning to book some tours in Phuket you can find some really good deals online. Here are 4 things that you should know before you travel to Phuket.


Shop Smartly

When it comes to shopping, Bangkok takes the cake. While the streets of Patong are filled with vendors and customers looking to shop around, Phuket is not a shopping destination and most vendors have little exclusivity and quality to maintain. It is great to buy small souvenirs or handicrafts but it is highly unresponsive when it comes to shopping for some good quality stuff. If you can save the shopping for Bangkok and we promise you will not regret the decision one bit.


Massage Heaven

If you are looking forward to rejuvenate your body and mind with a relaxing massage, look ni further. Thailand is also known as the hub of some of the most relaxing massages in the worlds. Just lie down there and let the trained professionals handle your body so that you can restart fresh and young. You will be easily able to find dozens of service providers that offer variety of massages and you can go to any one of them to relax your mind, body and soul.


Scrumptious Food

If you are not adventurous enough to tantalize your taste buds with traditional Thai cuisine options, look around and you will easily find culinary options from all round the world. Turkish, Indian, Korean, Arabic and a lot more delicious food options are available in Phuket very easily. If you are a fine dining person you can find some high end dining options on one of the five star resorts. Other than that street food and roadside cafes will be your best friend during your stay in Phuket.


Check The Weather Forecasts

With all its beauty and modern infrastructure, Phuket becomes difficult to cope up with during high rainfall seasons and you are advised not to visit Thailand during those months. December to March are the best time to travel since the humidity levels are low and you can easily focus on other things such as shopping.  It is advised that you double check with the department in case there are any chances of heavy showers that might be doing the same time period in which you are travelling too.


  1. I”ve been through Phuket airport a few times, although not for maybe three years now. There really isn”t much there in the way of useful shops – a few (bad) restaurants, money changers etc. I don”t remember having seen anywhere selling SIM cards – but then again, I wasn”t particularly looking for them there either. I guess that”s a long-winded way of saying I don”t really have much insight for you! ?

  2. Thanks for catching that! I hate when I do that!!

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