5 Things You Need To Stop Doing On a Weekend

Don’t we all eagerly wait for the busy weekdays to come to an end and hope to relax on the weekend? 

We all sure do. But, Lady! If you are doing these 5 things on the weekend, you are doing it all wrong.5 Things You Need To Stop Doing On a Weekend

  1. Cleaning:Do you save up the mess to be cleaned on the weekend? Are laundry, vacuuming and dusting the things you do on weekends? Then you are not doing it right. Weekdays sure are busy. But planning and categorizing a little time for these things every day will help you relax on the weekends and give you some time to focus on things that aren’t chores.
  1. Cooking:Cooking on weekends is a long tiring job unless it’s your way of relaxing. You might love to cook some tasty food for your family with love and feed them. And while in the process you end up sweating and standing all day long in the kitchen. Call it off, close the kitchen and try to spend some quality time with your family. To do so, you can go out for at least one lunch or dinner or you can plan your meals ahead that are easy and less time-consuming. Think of it! 
  2. Organizing: If organizing your wardrobe kitchen or any part of the home is your plan for the weekend then you need to have second thoughts! Organizing is a great idea but should be done on a regular basis. If you can be careful while pulling your shirt from the stack every day, then you do not have to take out time to set them straight on the weekends. A little wipe here and there when your food is simmering, putting things back from where you took them would save your hours of time in the kitchen on the weekends.
  1. Do not OVERDO: Being busy is a weekday’s thing. Don’t overdo the weekends. Do not spend your weekends shopping, travelling or doing something that makes you all worked up and tired. Instead give yourself some “me time”, soothe yourself.  Go get a pedicure, manicure or head massage and you will thank yourself later.
  1. Try Different things: Weekends don’t necessarily mean that you stay all day in your bed and in pyjamas binge watching Netflix. Take a lovely relaxing bath, groom yourself, take a walk, try different food and different things that bring in the positive energy to kick start your weekdays. Relax, rejoice, catch up one deprived sleep and brace yourself on the weekends. Let go the negative thoughts and things in the process. Keep every weekend fresh because you know how time flies and don’t worry there is always a MONDAY to get all worked up!

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