5 Tips to Blend Your New Shed with Your Landscape Design

Have you decided to add a new shed to your backyard space? There’s no question this structure can provide you with the ideal storage space; however, if you are like some people, you may not want the shed to become the focal point of your landscape.

The question is – what can you do?

One option is to custom design your next shed. This way you feel confident it will blend-in. Some other tips to help everything “mesh” together and look great can be found here.

Remember, it’s fine to go a little crazy and let your own personal style shine through when working to make your shed blend into its surroundings.

  1. Create Camouflage

One of the easiest ways for you to integrate a shed into your landscape is by working with the existing features present. Begin by putting your shed somewhere that makes sense, for example in the back corner or next to your garden.

You want to make sure the shed is easy to get to, but not too close to our home. The next step is to camouflage the base of the shed with planters, shrubs and small trees. When you add greenery around the structure it can help it blend in naturally.

  1. Repurposed Gardening

Giant planter boxes are going to look pretty anywhere; however, they work exceptionally well near your shed. When you fill galvanized troughs with shrubs and flowers, it will help to further integrate your shed into the landscape.

Also, when you have the garden boxes nearby the shed, your garden tools will be nearby, making it easy to care for the plants. For additional functionality, plant containers full of produce and fresh herbs.

  1. Add a Paved Path

Use pavers to create a walkway to your outdoor shed. If you use pavers embedded with stones or gravel, you will have a simple, no-fuss patio. If you use pavers somewhere else in the landscape, use a similar color, size and shape to tie your space together. Or, you can even coordinate with the colors on your home’s exterior. To complete the look, add a few pieces of outdoor furniture.

  1. Update the Shed’s Exterior

Cute window boxes help to give the shed a facelift. You can use rustic boxes to help break up the exterior color and add a bit of old-school charm. Consider attaching your boxes to industrial pipes with durable rope.

The materials are cost-effect and can add a bit of farmhouse style. Additionally, window boxes can bring a sense of seasonal charm to the shed. During the spring and summer, plant fresh flowers and then make a change to frost-tolerant foliage during the fall, with evergreen being used in the winter.

  1. Exterior Lighting

You should have a few landscape lights on the outside of your garden shed. This can help you keep from getting lost in the dark and will also serve as a welcoming beacon in your backyard. Consider using solar-powered sconces at entry points or line the perimeter of sheds with traditional solar lights.

If you would rather have electrical power going to your shed, think about this when choosing a location. It is going to be easier to use existing outdoor outlets than to install cables for brand new ones.

By using the tips here, you can ensure that your shed integrates well with the rest of your outdoor space. Be sure to consider all the factors and tips here before making a move so you will love the look of your new backyard.

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