5 Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils in Daily Life

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What are essential oils?

Often we find ourselves amidst mounds of stress, swarms of germs, and even a lack of sleep. We attempt to find ways to cope with these daily struggles, but often come up short. Hot baths, fragrant candles, and good food can be found to be a temporary solution to these issues. However, when it comes to a more permanent and routine solution it is important to keep an open mind with the use of essential oils. These are concentrated extracts from numerous plants that are created to be used in more ways than one. Research shows that essential oils can be used in various ways to achieve lower levels in stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and more, according to Michele Mack. She recommends people should try essential oils for better sleep and lower levels of stress.

How to use essential oils?

Essential oils can be used in numerous ways including topically, inhaled through a diffuser, dropped into a warm bath, or in some cases, drops can be added to your meals or drinks. Depending on what your day to day lifestyle looks like, there may be more than one way that works best in the use of essential oils.

5 Daily Uses

  1. Diffused/Inhaled – The most common way that essential oils are used is through a diffuser. This can be an electric diffuser, or a simple reed diffuser. This allows the oils to be turned into a vapor that spreads throughout the room, not only making it smell nice but also calming your symptoms. Diffusers allow for scents to be interchanged and mixed together to make whichever combination that you please. Using inhalation for essential oils is also a common use, and similar to diffusion. It allows for the oil to interact directly with your sense of smell.
  2. Topically – The second most common way to use an essential oil is to apply it directly to your skin, or the area that needs healing. Examples of this include applying a few drops to your temple to help with a headache, or under your nose to ease nausea. This allows for the oil to seep into your pores and help to heal you naturally without putting excess chemicals/drugs into your body. It is recommended that the best way to topically use essential oils is by applying it to the bottom of your feet. This allows for the oils to be completely soaked into the skin. Not only can these be applied only as an oil, but oils can also be mixed in with a lotion or perfume and then applied.
  3. Scented Bath – We as adults tend to take a liking to a warm bath every now and then, or for some of us, it is closer to a daily basis. It is as easy as dropping a few oils into the bath as it is running in order to incorporate your essential oils into your daily routine. The hot water allows for the aromas and healing abilities to be released into a scent, but also for the oils to be soaked in through your skin, once again, just as the topical use.
  4. Room Spray – Similar to a diffuser, essential oils in the form of a room spray are also used to spread and maintain the scent of the oils that are used. Furniture especially can absorb and hold the scent for days at a time which is helpful for someone who needs constant help from oils. In order to create a room spray, if it is not purchased in the form of a spray, a few drops of the oil can be dropped into a spray bottle with water.
  5. Laundry Detergent – One more use of essential oils into your daily life may be an odd one, but effective. Many people are unaware that you can drop essential oils into your laundry detergent or fabric softener before beginning the wash. This helps the oils to be completely absorbed into the clothes, linens and any other fabric. With that said, it is better to have a less fragrant, or unscented detergent, that way there are not multiple scents that are attempting to work together.

Essential oils can be used in various ways in order to suit your lifestyle. There are so many uses with numerous scents that using them is a breeze, and doable for anyone. Each scent has its own healing power in order to create a solution to whatever problem you might be going through. There are 5 daily uses listed above, however, don’t let that stop you because there are also many other creative ways to use essential oils.

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