6 Tips to Help Your Kids During Exams

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Examinations are an inevitable part of our lives, irrespective of our age. For young and old alike, the word ‘exam’ brings bouts of involuntary shudders and a perpetual feeling of stress of not being prepared enough for it. Let’s face it, exams are a big menace! Here are some tips to make it seem easier!

  1. Before the Prize, Prioritize

It is absolutely essential that your kids know that they have your unwavering support, no matter what happens. Knowing that their well-being will always be your first priority instead of their grades will boost up their morale and encourage them to perform better. Having parental support, guidance and confidence acts as a great motivator before your child faces her examinations, as well as acting as an ointment to soothe his anxious, irritable nerves.

  1. Give It A Go Before Saying No

Often, when faced with questions that they are not prepared for or have momentarily forgotten the answer for due to nervousness, a child loses his confidence to continue with the paper and faces a breakdown that influences his results. In order to avoid such cases, it is imperative for the parents to remain calm and positive. They must encourage similar vibes in their children, helping them to practice relaxation and problem management skills.

  1. Ensure That They Get Plenty of Sleep

To get a good, solid rest to the mind which is overtaxed before the exams, is one of the most important tips to ensure better results from your children. Getting a thorough amount of undisturbed sleep allows the child to concentrate better and stay more alert during the exams, ensuring that he retains more amount of whatever he has studied for the exam per se. According to National Sleep Foundation, children aged 6-13 require a minimum of 9 to 11 hours of sleep while teenagers require 8 to 10 hours to function better and in a more focused manner.

  1. Relieve and Relax with Homework

Make exam preparations for your children enjoyable instead of tedious by including visual, verbal, social or even solitary-aural methods of teaching which the children prefer more. For example, a socially-inclined child may find studying in groups or tutoring sessions more effective for his exam preparations while on the other hand a solitary-inclined child will find solving questionnaires more effective. If you need a hand with homework, you can try Ivory Research. They will help you with your term paper as well, allowing you the extra boost needed to get going.

  1. Interest Over Insistence

Insisting upon pursuing the same method of study that you have pursued or you friend/relative/neighbour’s child has pursued may not prove to be beneficial while prepping your child for exams. Each child is unique with his unique areas of interest and who knows them best but their parents? Hence, by focusing on these areas of interest, make exam preparations for your children more fun.

  1. Health Is Wealth

Your child knows how important his exams and studies are for his future. Constant perusals of previously answered question papers, criticisms of previously occurred errors and overhyping the crucial-ness of any particular examination may only result in increasing the nervousness and anxiety of the child and result in them fearing to sit for the exams.

Providing them with nutritious food at regular intervals, making sure they stay

hydrated and take regular breaks from studies by taking brisk walks or interacting with other family members or friends or allowing recreational activities for brief intervals instead of continuous studying will yield better results. Isolation during examinations is never the key to success, hence make sure that you include yourself in their lives to offer them support during their exams, and this will be enough to let them emerge through this regular perilous phases with flying colors.

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