7 Tips to Jump Start Your Scholarship Search

Finding a scholarship program is a time-consuming task. Every scholarship program is different than the other, so you be careful. There are many programs tailored according to your academic interest, talents, and career goals.

Following, we will give some invaluable tips that will help you jump start your search.

Review the Prospective School

Check their official website and see if you meet the criteria. Find how you can apply and don’t assume you apply for a scholarship if you are applying for admission. These are two separate things. Scholarship deadlines are different from admission deadlines.

Therefore, some institutes let you submit a scholarship application before admission application. Higher GPA and Test Scores during high school can help you earn valuable merit aid.

Ask the Academic Advisor

Students should contact their school counselor and ask for their advice. School councilors know about ongoing scholarships, and they can advise you better. If there is a dedicated office at school for students, use their help. They can help you with your financial strategy.


If you belong to a group of an organization or institute, see if the organization has any scholarship programs. Check their official website and see what programs they offer. The competition for these scholarships is not as fierce as they are awarded at a local level.

Search Online

Take your search for scholarships for graduate students online. Be specific because simply typing scholarship will yield thousands of results. Try using qualifiers including school and program names to narrow down your search. Never pay to investigate for the scholarship.

Remember, Scholarship counselor never award students who paid to find them.

Learn About their Deadline

Every program has a different deadline. Some ends before summer while some end before the senior year. Try to submit your application asap. Never miss a deadline because you will have no recourse if your application arrives late. You will have no chance to receive an award. So carefully plan your timing.

Perfect Your Application

No one likes a generic application. Therefore, don’t send one template to everyone. Personalize and tailor every application. It’s a time taking process, but you need to address the right person and tailor your message to match your objectives.  

So, make sure your application is flawless. Don’t create a bad impression with silly mistakes like typos and grammar issues. Take your time and correct these issues, and make sure your information is authentic.

Follow the application instructions carefully. Once again, take your time to make sure your application is perfectly made, don’t submit a faulty application because it will get rejected.

Leave an Impression

Your application will speak for you, so make an impression with your writing. When you create your profile, you need to leave a promising impression. Therefore, use a photo that gives off a professional vibe where you look happy and determined.

Just be careful when submitting your application. Avoid becoming a nuisance. Organizations may not send a confirmation letter, and you may not get feedback for up to 6 months. So be patient and don’t drop in every day.

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