9 Surprising Ways to Upgrade Your Shower Routine

All moms know that shower time is precious, especially when you have little kids. Whether you use a fresh shower in the morning to help you wake up, or shower at night to help you relax for sleeping, don’t miss these 9 fun and creative ways to spice up your shower routine:

Listen to something – you can both improve your own mood and possibly learn something by listening to music or podcasts in the shower. Positive, arousing music was shown in a 2017 study to boost creativity and originality at work. And podcasts (15 minute to hour long radio shows) can be funny, interesting, and informative. Use a waterproof bluetooth shower radio to most easily stream music or podcasts in the shower without having to worry about getting your phone wet.

Write down ideas – does it dawn on you right when you step in the shower that you need to add milk to the grocery list? Have a great idea for a work project? Don’t let these fleeting thoughts float away as soon as you step out of the shower. Use a waterproof notepad and marker to write them down inside the shower, or use the Hey Google and Hey Siri features on your smartphone to shout your bright idea at your phone on the bathroom counter so it can remind you later.

Get a back scrubber – it’s finally time to toss out that old, worn-out scrubbie or discolored washcloth you’ve been using for months now. Power easy showering and more effective washing with back scrubbers, loofahs, and helpful washing instruments that help you wash those hard to reach places and exfoliate dead skin cells away.

Add essential oils – you may have thought that essential oils are for aroma diffusers or hot baths, but you can actually incorporate their healing benefits into your shower as well. Simply place a wet washcloth at your feet where the water coming from the showerhead can hit it and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (lavender, peppermint, etc.) The aromatics combined with the hot steam will help diffuse the scent all through your shower.

Try dry brushing first – after you de-robe but before you turn the water on, try giving dry brushing in the shower a try. Dry brushing has been shown to help both exfoliate your skin as well as stimulate lymphatic drainage which boosts your immune system and re-energizes your muscles. Dry brushes typically have coarse, natural hairs and long handles, making them perfect for executing long, circular strokes up your legs and arms towards your heart.

Skip hair washing – need to shave a few extra minutes of your morning shower to get the kids to school early? Wear a shower cap and forget about shampooing your hair! In fact, research says that no one truly needs to wash their hair every day. If you’re worried about grease, simply spray a few quick spritzes of dry shampoo on and then wash the next day.

Get a shower chair – for moms, shower time may be the only “alone time” they see all day. If you want to bask in the child-free freedom, pop a squat on a shower chair and just relax while you wash your hair or lather up. Shower chairs are versatile, portable, and handy when you need to incorporate some relaxation time into your bathing window. Even better, take a bath and soak in warm, soapy water to help alleviate tense muscles and ease congestion.

Add plants – houseplants for your bathroom can help brighten up the place, even your shower. Think appropriate plants that thrive on outside humidity like aloe vera, bromeliads, begonias, ferns, philodendrons, and orchids. In addition to adding life to your environment, exposure to indoor plants has been shown to help reduce physiological and psychological stress.

Be more productive – if you’re looking to get more done during your shower time, it’s simpler than you think. Handle other hygiene tasks like flossing and brushing teeth, clipping nails, or shaving while you’re in the shower. Or steam your work outfit for the day by hanging it near your shower and letting the humidity help work out wrinkles.

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