A Definitive Guide to the Best Types of Floor Mops

Different Types Of Floor Mops For Your Home

Mopping is one of the most daunting and time-consuming household chores we can’t avoid. If you think it’s easy, think again. There’s more to it than meets the eye.  Before you can mop your floor, you have to sweep it first. Once you’re done mopping, you have to wait for your floors to dry, which can take up a lot of time depending on how big your area is. On top of that, you have to find the right mop that will work best for the type of floor you have.

Choosing the best mop that can keep your floor spotless and shiny can be pretty challenging. With so many types available on the market today, from traditional mop and bucket to hi-tech floor cleaning systems, shopping for one can overwhelm anyone.

There are several factors you need to consider to end up with the right mop such as your floor type and budget, and you also have to be aware of how often to mop floors. A wood flooring requires a different mopping process from a laminate kind or tile. You don’t want to end up with a mop that will damage your expensive floors instead of keeping it sparkly clean.

In this article, we’ll help narrow down your choices by providing you with mop reviews and essential information on various types of mops to end your search on finding the best cleaning tool for your home.

Best Floor Mop Types


  • Flat Mops


Flat mops are very popular because of how convenient and inexpensive they are. You also don’t need a lot of water to clean your floors with them. They usually come with a flat head with either a reusable or disposable pad attached to it. They are suitable for everyday household mopping tasks.

Most people use a bit of cleaning solution when mopping their floors with it, which is an effective way to mop your space. Flat mops work especially well at cleaning those troublesome corners.

They are ideal for hardwood, vinyl, and other types of flooring that you’re not supposed to get too wet. One of the downsides of this type of mop though is that you may find it difficult to remove food particles that have been stuck on your floors without using pretreatment.


  • Sponge Mops


Sponge mops are best for cleaning spills and spots on your surfaces. They are handy, very absorbent, make scrubbing floors simpler, and when used at its fullest, it’s an excellent tool for cleaning up dirty parts of your flooring.

These mops feature a spongy head that’s usually attached to a wringer. There are models with removable heads, allowing for quick replacement and rinsing when needed. They work best with tiles and other uneven surfaces.

However, proper care and maintenance are needed to avoid the spread of bacteria on the sponge. When you’re done mopping your floors, make sure to rinse it completely. Store it an upright position somewhere where your mop can thoroughly dry so that it will not be a breeding ground for bacteria.

When you see the sponge head starts to break apart, discolor, or smell, replace it immediately.


  • Spin Mops


Spin mops or often referred to as twist mops can provide you with a rather interesting and enjoyable cleaning experience. They are quite like your traditional mop and bucket but were given with a modern twist.

They come with a bucket where you can put water mixed with a cleaning solution, and adjustable handle and head to reach certain areas easily. This means that you don’t have to break your back bending or lifting stuff just to clean those hard-to-reach areas.

As the name suggests, you can spin this floor mop type by making a twisting movement with your wrist. Once it begins spinning, you will be able to put it in action to get rid of stains and other kinds of dirt on your flooring.

Spin mops are very convenient and can help clean your surfaces faster. You can easily eliminate stains and clean up the dirty spots on your surfaces without having to scrub them very hard.


  • Steam Mops


If you want a piece of cleaning equipment that can remove gunk and stains from your flooring, you need a steam mop. There several types of steam mops you can choose depending on your needs and budget. There are pricier models that can clean and steam your carpets, and there are models on the affordable side that are made for just mopping floors.

Steam mops are great at removing grime and dirt that is starting to build-up. They can aid in breaking up the gunks that are stuck on your surfaces, and clean them up without too much effort on your part.

These electrical cleaning tools normally come with a refillable water tank.  Water is heated up then turned into steam. The steam is then released through a trigger and then sprayed in your surface via a reusable mopping pad.

What makes them great is that aside from cleaning, they can also disinfect your floors. However, they are not for everyone, do not work well with some floor types, and more expensive than most mops.


  • Robot Mops


If you’re a busy person and wants to make mopping even more convenient, then the robot mop is the answer you’re looking. Imagine having a mop that will clean your area while you’re reading a book or doing other chores. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Robot mops like with robot vacuums are becoming increasingly popular these days. The idea of these two is pretty much the same. A robot mop also has the capability to vacuum while mopping your floors. It usually features with a reservoir that you can fill with water or a cleaning solution, microfibre cloth for scrubbing floors and picking up dirt, as well as sensors to help it navigate around your appliances and furniture.

This floor mop comes in either single purpose or hybrid models. Single purpose robotic mops can dry sweep surfaces before mopping them, but they do not have the capability to vacuum. On the other hand, hybrid robot mops can vacuum and mop at the same time. They normally come with a microfiber cloth attach to them which you can wet manually with a cleaning solution or water.

Robotic mops may not clean as efficiently as some of the mopping systems, but they can operate hands-free. You’ll have plenty of time in your hands to do other important things while it cleans your floors.

Other Types Of Mops

  • Dust mops. These are ideal for cleaning walls, floors, light fixtures, and ceilings. They typically come with a long handle for cleaning dusty fans and corner cobwebs. their mop heads may either be reusable or disposable.
  • Cut-end mops. They mops are very cheap, and you can see them on almost all the shops selling cleaning products. They can perform general mopping tasks well and at cleaning small messes.
  • Looped-end mops. They are machine-washable, easier to use than cut-end mops, and more absorbent as well. It works well at cleaning up spills and on for bigger mopping jobs.
  • Microfiber mops. This type of floor mop is easier to maintain and more sanitary than the first three mops. Its mop head will not degrade even after numerous washes. However, it’s not as absorbent as the others on this list, and do not work well at scrubbing floors.
  • String mops. This traditional type is very absorbent and has a great scrubbing power. You can easily clean corners with it, but it may be harder for you to wring it out or even maintain it.

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