Affordable Ways to Makeover Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home, used for sleeping and other activities too. Every now and then, you might want to refresh it and give it a new look. A new design for your bedroom helps to keep things exciting and avoids the room looking drab and boring. While some decor ideas might look expensive, it doesn’t have to cost a lot to redecorate your bedroom. Plenty of ideas are affordable and should help you to reinvent your room without having to spend too much. Take a look at some of these ideas to give your bedroom a makeover.

Simply Buy New Bedding

If you’re looking for an easy way to change your bedroom, new bedding is a simple thing to do. It’s inexpensive, and it helps to give your bedroom a pretty big change. It might only be one small alteration, but your bed is the focal point of your room, so it can make a significant difference. There are lots of things you can do with bedding, whether you use blankets or a quilt, or you prefer to use a duvet. You can stick with plain white bedding and choose to accessorize it. You might layer up some different sheets, blankets, pillows, a runner, and more.


Put Up Some Inexpensive Art

Art is always a good way to add something to a room. It comes in all forms, from posters and paintings to trinkets and home accessories. Hanging or displaying some art is easy and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can even make it yourself. Even if you’re not particularly creative, you can still print something on quality paper and frame it. Even a humble poster can look more sophisticated if you frame it, instead of just sticking it to the wall.

Install New Hardware

You might like to replace some key pieces in your bedroom, but your small budget makes it difficult. Another option that you could consider is replacing some of the hardware on your furniture and other features, which can give the room a new look. For example, you can replace the handles on drawers and your door. This is an easy thing to do and doesn’t cost much, but it instantly refreshes the room. If everything is a bit plain, choose some new hardware that stands out a bit more so you can make your room more exciting.

Save on New Furniture

If you do want to get some new bedroom furniture, you can find ways to save so that you can still refresh your bedroom on a budget. Try looking for bedroom furniture discounts so you can replace any item of furniture for less. If you want to make big savings, consider buying a bedroom set. You might want to replace an existing item, such as your bed or dresser. Or you can think about adding something extra. Perhaps your room would benefit from a chair or some extra storage. Just try to avoid making your room too cluttered by adding too much furniture.

Highboy Rice Bed Bed Four Poster Quilt Bedroom


Paint or Wallpaper

It might be a bit more effort, but painting or wallpapering your bedroom gives it a whole new look. At the very least, it can refresh your existing look where it has become worn. If you want to paint, you’ll have to remove or cover your furniture. Paint is very affordable, though, and you might choose to paint only one or two walls. If you decide you want to use wallpaper, doing just one wall is again a very good idea. You can also use temporary wallpaper that’s very easy to apply, so you don’t have to bother with wallpaper paste.

Add Some Accessories

There are all kinds of accessories that you could add to your bedroom to elevate its look. Start with your bed, and lay down some throw pillows or perhaps a throw or two. Get some new curtains or perhaps a rug for the floor. You could add a mirror to the wall or any flat surface, or you could hang a clock. You might also want to consider certain bedroom gadgets, such as an alarm clock or speaker dock, which are practical, as well as adding something fun to your bedroom’s image.

Make It Minimal

Another way to approach a bedroom makeover on a budget is to strip it back, instead of adding extra touches. A minimal look for your room could look great, and it’s a good idea if you want to improve your sleep hygiene too. Try removing everything from your room and then slowly putting some things back to create a more minimal design. You could choose an accent color or two but otherwise keep everything else neutral. A decluttered bedroom could be just what you need, and it doesn’t have to cost anything at all.

Choose Some Prints and Patterns

If you do want to add some more detail, rather than remove it, consider some prints and patterns. They help to add texture to your bedroom and make certain elements pop. Patterns are easy to get into bedding and other textiles, and it’s affordable to buy or even make these. Mix and match some different patterns to create an eclectic look or stick to one to create a theme throughout the room using the same pattern but in different sizes.

Get More Personal

Your bedroom should be a personal space, so adding personal items can help you to give it a new look. You might display photos or perhaps some things that you’ve picked up while traveling. You could make a memory board or display some things that you’ve made. Your home and especially your bedroom should reflect who are, and having some items that are personal to you on show is a great way to do that. It’s also inexpensive because you can use items that you already have.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of money to update your bedroom. There are plenty of affordable ways to make some changes.

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