All You Need to Know About Cellulite and How to Get Rid of It

Dimples are good on your cheeks and that about sums up the benefits of cellulite. Other than that all of us are happy to bid good riddance to them. It’s unpleasant to look at and difficult to get rid of. No matter what your body type, every woman is prone to cellulite at some point in her life. It’s usually visible around the thighs, butt and arms of most women. The worst part is that cellulite effect the way most women judge their own bodies. It leads to negative body image and less confidence in her overall demeanor.

We find out all about cellulite; where it comes from, what causes it and how can you make it go away below:

Cellulite is like a tough leech that refuses to leave you. This fatty tissue starts building up just below the surface of the skin and tends to thicken with age. It’s made up of a mix of toxins and fat that accumulate due to bad lifestyle and eating habits.

There are multiple other factors that can lead to cellulite build up as well:

Bad genetics is one of the primary reasons for cellulite build-up. So if you find your mum or grandmother with cellulite, you will also be prone to it. The best way to deal with it is to avoid cellulite build up from an early age; watch your food habits, drink lots of water and exercise regularly to get a head start.

Lack of exercise is the second biggest cause of cellulite. A sedentary lifestyle leads to loss of blood circulation in some parts of your body, especially the thighs due to long hours of sitting. You’ll find the back of your thighs and hips are more prone to cellulite.

Insufficient water intake is another reason for cellulite deposits. Keeping yourself hydrated ensures good blood supply and faster metabolism, which in turn will avoid the build-up of toxins in the body. Stress and Smoking are other causes of cellulite build up. Muscles tend to seize up and block tissues preventing proper waste elimination, and these turn into unhealthy cellulite.

Unlike weight loss, dieting will not help in losing cellulite because of its tougher composition. But all is not lost yet, there are some proven ways to reduce visible cellulite. You’ll need to plan a strict regime that includes a combination of strength training and healthy diet to lose it.

Here are some pointers for a quick-start to losing your cellulite:

Create a healthy lifestyle

Losing cellulite takes determination and dedication, it cannot be removed through any shortcut. Unless, of course you decide to go for a liposuction surgery. They key is in creating a balanced lifestyle of regular exercise, well-planned diet and bottles of water to flush out the toxins steadily.

Go the extra mile with a rigid exercise regime

To see long-term benefits, it’s not enough to just lose the cellulite, but instead convert them into muscle. This can be done by doing more rigorous muscle strengthening, lower body exercises. If done consistently this will help get a better muscle to fat ratio and improve the overall tone and the structure of your body.

Scrub Your Cellulite Away

One of the reasons for cellulite is poor blood circulation. Change this by using homemade body scrubs or Exfoliators to shake up those dead cells and you’ll find improvements over time. Another option would be to do deep massages at least once a week. Within months you’ll see a noticeable improvement in the look and feel of your skin.

Fiber is the miracle food

Fibrous foods improve the elasticity of the skin and are a great source for removing body toxins. Improve your daily diet by including big portions of fibrous foods like carrots, beetroot, cabbage and a lot of green leafy vegetables. Not only will this improve your skin texture, but you’ll feel a lot lighter and energetic as well.

Over the counter creams

If you’re looking for a faster solution, there are caffeine and retinol based creams available in the market that has shown positive results. The caffeine in the cream dehydrates the excess water and gives a tighter look to the skin. Similarly retinol creams also have a tightening property that gives good temporary relief from cellulite. But these are not long term solutions.

More than cellulite, it’s personal health that needs to be addressed. Shift to a healthy lifestyle, and you’ll quickly see a reduction in cellulite as well.

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