Arthritis Management Using Squeeze Balls: The Ultimate Guide

Many people suffer from arthritis globally. Actually, it is one of the most common disorders with an estimated number of 50 million Americans suffering from the same. The term is general for various diseases that affect the joints like spondylitis, peripheral arthritis and osteoarthritis. Most of the patients suffering from this ailment experience regular fatigue, inflammation of the affected joints and general weakness of the muscles.

While it is agreeable in the medical world that arthritis has no definite cure, it is possible to manage and keep the disease under control. Worldwide, there have been several proven exercises and activities believed to be effective in managing this disease. Among the widely used hand exercise for rehabilitation in arthritis therapies, squeeze balls stand out as the most common.

Stringy Ball exercises for arthritis

Most of the people who suffer from arthritis find it very difficult to use their hands. Over time, research has shown that patients who engage in regular hand exercises experience less effects. In particular, affected people should focus on strength training. Squeeze balls like Stringy Balls have been designed specially to make such exercises effective and productive. For consistent users, the benefits are numerous. Some of these include:

  • Reduced pain
  • Minimal inflammation incidences
  • Stronger hand joints

Perfect stress reliever

The handballs meant for arthritis management are designed with the aspect of stress in mind. Even as you undergo the arthritis rehabilitation program, you will be able to lower the stress levels as you strengthen the muscles around your hands.

In addition to relieving stress, you will also benefit from stronger hand muscles and less painful joints. Exercises such as thumb bend and claw stretch have proven effective in reducing pain in the affected joints. The best balls designed for this therapy have strings to reduce any possibility of rolling away or falling like the commonly available squeeze balls. With such enhancements, people find arthritis management using squeeze balls more thrilling and effective.

Squeeze balls for everyone

The other significant benefit that most people who adopt squeeze balls achieve is that of reduced muscle tension. You will have relaxed hand muscles with the resultant effect being easier operation of your hand. The long-term effect is that you will have supple and healthy hands. Even more, you will be certain of enhanced range of motion. Since arthritis is also associated with stiffening of the joints, you will gain even more because squeeze balls used in arthritis management enhance the stimulation of synovial fluid.

Squeeze balls are easy and enjoyable to use. As such, anyone, regardless of their age, can reap maximum benefits from using these balls for arthritis management. It is also effective for those who are stressed or suffering from other bone-related disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Arthritis might not have a permanent cure. However, you do not have to live in perpetual pain and distress. It is possible to manage itl using stress balls such as StringyBall.


James Haller is a physiotherapist based in Georgia. He owns and runs a private hospital. In the past years, he has written several posts on the innovative technology of stress balls and other effective hand exercises for rehabilitation. Feel free to get in touch with him via Twitter.

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