5 Tips for Buying the Best Bath Toys for Toddlers

Jonathan loves to play with his rubber duck while bathing in his little tub, and the favorite of Dora is a big blue fish, which floats. Just like them, your kids may also love to have some good bath toys with which bathing is going to be a fun affair even for kids that scream at the sight of water! When you head to the toy store to choose the perfect bathing toy for your toddler, you will come across many choices, which may leave you puzzled. So, it is ideal to have a good insight about what … [Read more...]

Water Way To Go: Water And The Damage It Can Cause To The Home

One of the greatest things about living in a home is water. From filling up a hot bath for you to sink into and let the stresses of life ebb away to pouring a pot of coffee to start your day. Water does it all for us and it's so underrated. It's pretty much the lifeblood of our home and enables us to cook, clean and care for ourselves - everything you could want to do in your home. But water? When mismanaged or maltreated it can be a serious threat to your home and family life in your … [Read more...]

Healthy Hound, Happy Home! Keeping Your Dog In Good Health

Its Teeth If your dog is drooling more than usual or it has particularly bad breath, then it could have problems with its teeth like tooth decay or gum disease. It’s impossible for us as people to be in good moods when we have toothaches, so it’s understandable that your dog may be a little withdrawn, snappy or off its food when it’s suffering from this sort of pain. Make sure that you get your dog’s teeth checked during twice-yearly physicals, and if it seems to be suffering from tooth … [Read more...]

SilkCut Pajamas Set from Tani USA Giveaway (Ends 2/28)

This great giveaway is sponsored by Tani USA and hosted by Mom Does Reviews. About Tani USA: Our singular mission is to set a new standard in luxury mens underwear. We aim to create the worlds best and most comfortable undergarments that change the way you think and feel about underwear. When you make the very finest products in a very particular category, it’s simply not an option. To design and create our collections, we source fabrics around the world that are both rare and newly … [Read more...]

Take Guests To Heaven With A Stunning New Bedroom

Do you want to be the host that boasts the best guest room of all time? Of course, you do because we all want to take pride in our home and style. Better yet, we want other people to be impressed when they come to stay. Many of us treat having people come to stay in our house as a chance to test our hosting skills. Can we really make people feel like they have been living in a five-star hotel for the past two weeks? We’re sure you can but to do that you have to style the home the right way. It … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Help your Child Become a Better Reader

Find out how you can help children read better in 5 easy ways! As parents, we want to help improve our child’s educational experience so they can be more successful in school.  Being a good reader is essential and can play an important role in their entire lives.  One study found that how well a 7-year-old reads can predict their income 35 years later! But how do we get our kids interested in reading and help them improve their skills?  These tips will help get your kids excited about … [Read more...]

DIY Wedding Signs – Mr & Mrs Wedding Gift Idea

These DIY Wedding Signs are a thoughtful way to help the newlyweds celebrate their special day! Most couples register at several locations for wedding gifts and while it is great to get things off of a registry, it is also really fun to make special and personalized wedding gifts!   This Mr. & Mrs. wedding gift idea was simple to make and I love how it turned out.  It was inexpensive yet is personalized in the colors the bride and groom plan to decorate their future home together. … [Read more...]

Sick Day Survival Kit + $25 Target Gift Card Giveaway (Ends 2/23)

We have all experienced a sick day from time to time. Whether it is with little ones or ourselves, it is always good to have a Sick Day Survival Kit prepared for that moment. Read more about 5 must-haves for every sick day survival kit for kids. To help you prepare your own kids sick day survival kit, we are giving you the opportunity to win a prize pack filled with great prizes including: Pfizer Pediatric Products 20th Century Fox DVD $25 Target Gift Card Giveaway is open to US … [Read more...]