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As a part of Babs Blog Tour Bonanza, I got to read Mommy But Still Me by Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar!  I loved the book a lot.  Here is a trailer promoting the book:

Also, here is a blurb about it:

Imagine a man volunteering to trade in his game nights for heart burn and back ache. Good thing there are women around to ensure the survival of the species. This hilarious look at the journey from high heels to high blood pressure, as a jet setter turns into a bed wetter, is what your doctor won’t tell you and your own mother may have forgotten in the years since she was blessed by your arrival.

I was lucky enough to have Mohanalakshmi do a guest post for me!  So, welcome Mohanalakshmi!  Thank you!

Mommy On the Go
By Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar 

This week I was traveling with forty people to Gaza City in Palestine. I was one of four non-Arabs in the group but we were all jolly and good natured as members of the same tribe – we were all writers or partners of writers – going into a very restricted place to share stories, techniques, and resources. Along for the ride, amongst the writers, aspiring filmmakers, artists, and festival programmers was a six month old baby, Khalid.

Yes, you may be shocked at the idea of a couple taking their infant six hours on a bus, waiting five hours at the border, and then spending a week in a place where the water in the shower tastes slightly of rust if it hits the porous membrane of your lip. You’re the in the shower. Of course it does. (Unless you don’t wash your face…).

My husband and I have an almost two year old who has been to six or seven countries (we stopped keeping track) but the sight of the infant in the arms of his grandmother (also on the trip) did give me pause. After all we had many discussions about the advisability of my coming on the trip, much less the rest of the family. Every time my dear one’s brow wrinkled in worry I said: “If anything happens you’ll get to watch unlimited television and use the internet until your eyeballs fall out.” He seemed less than thrilled though on a normal day this is heart’s desire.

Not only did this couple bring their infant, they let everyone hold him. And I mean everyone: there was not one person in our group who didn’t coo at baby Khalid and disintegrate into a baby babble that would make anyone doubt any of us had written an intelligent word.

I got my hands on the child and an astonishing thing happened: I was soothed. His smile, his dimpled cheeks, his alert, inquisitive eyes, they reminded me of everything that was important which was the immediate moment. What he could take in, the adult at that second using everything in her power to entertain him, and he giving that attention right back, this is what real life is about. Not multi-tasked conversations where you “listen” with one ear as you type away furiously at the keyboard of your Smartphone or laptop.

Granted, he probably is one of the most even tempered children I have ever seen. He rarely cried (and when he did, food solved that) and he kept the hours the rest of us did, more or less.

I learned a lot from watching baby Khalid and his parents on this trip: a mellower pair you couldn’t find. Clearly his disposition was from both sides of the genetic tree. And yes, during one of the many holding sessions I had with him (fighting off others for the privilege) I thought not only of my own child, waiting for me at home, but also about— everyone I know has been waiting years to hear this – the possibility of our future children.

Have you had a positive baby experience lately? Or was planning for your second child easier than your first?


Thank you for this great guest post, Mohanalakshmi!

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  1. Thanks for hosting me! I hope your readers enjoy the post and also share their own mommy experiences. Sharing is part of the fun in this particular journey…

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