The Best Heathrow Airport Parking Options

The Need for Parking at Heathrow Airport

Heathrow airport is one of the most active international airports and getting a good parking at time of arrival at the airport depends on chance and your good luck. If you’re going on a long trip with your family, you need to have safe parking and monitoring for your vehicle. Additionally, you need to be in contact with good traffic lawyers for any unfortunate event. Although airport’s own parking facilities are available, they aren’t enough or convenient. One option, however, is that you leave your private car at home and arrive at the airport using public transport, but that’s too much hassle. Moreover, this way, you’ll have to use public transport on your way back too. So, what is the solution?

Attending to this need, many companies have started providing meet and greet parking Heathrow services for the passengers. These companies are reliable and can be trusted. They take full responsibility for the safety and look after of your vehicle. Moreover, availing private parking option is too convenient because all the responsibility lies on the company attending to your needs.

Heathrow Parking Options

I’ve checked a few websites related to Heathrow parking facilities and I’ve learned that there are three main types of meet and greet parking facilities available:

  • One of course, is by airport authorities. It’s not much convenient, and secondly, it’s very expensive. This is a type of self parking where you have to find your own space for parking and you might get it some distance away from the main airport area. Then you will have to catch a bus to arrive at the airport main area, and on returning, take a bus again to get to your vehicle.
  • Hotel parking
  • Private parking, which is cheaper and private companies offer discount packages as well.


Private / Meet & Greet Airport Parking

Most companies offer meet and greet parking services at Heathrow; it means that on arrival at the airport, you’ll be received by the parking company staff. You can hand over your vehicle to them and check in without any further thoughts about your vehicle. When you come back, the company staff will bring and deliver your vehicle to you at the airport.

Hotel Parking

Many companies have now extended their meet and greet parking services to hotel parking as well. You can stay overnight at a nearby hotel and parking facilities will be included in that stay too. However, if you are staying to a hotel, you need to keep in mind certain things like which passenger terminal you are flying out from, on which days the prices are cheaper, and so on.

Meet and greet parking is by far the most convenient airport parking option. There are many private companies operating at Heathrow airport which can provide you this service. Just check each company’s website to learn about their packages. The best part is, you can book your parking online and save the hassle of queuing up for parking at the airport. Moreover, you can also save money if you book in advance.

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