Best Hostels in Florida for Backpackers

Are you planning to travel to the beachside heaven for Florida for the summers? We’ll help you pick out the best hostels in Florida for backpackers and beach bummers, but before we get into that, allow us to inform you about the dynamics of ESTA and other visa requirements for the US.

So, what is ESTA exactly? It is the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation, not exactly a visa, but following the 9/11 system alterations, it is a measure that has increased the security checks of all tourists coming to the US from countries listed in the Visa Waiver Programme.

You must have a valid passport, a valid credit card or PayPal to pay the US application fee, which is usually around US $14. You also need your contact information, and in certain cases, your recent employment information.

Now that we’ve broken down the basic visa and ESTA form requirements, let’s take a look at the best hotels in Florida for backpackers:

  • Miami

1. Miami Beach International Hostel

If you’re hitting Miami Beach for a luxurious vacation lounging around the beach, the Miami Beach International Hostel is your best choice, being the oldest aboard on the beach, it has hosted some of the most famous parties in town. Recently, they have relocated to an even fancier new location that is entirely remodelled to provide all the latest amenities, security and a scenic view.

The place is always spotless clean and very economical, you can chose from a wide variety of rooms and packages tailor made to suit all basic traveller and backpacker needs, along with being clean and hygienic. It allows you to enjoy comfortable boarding along with a rampant and engaging social life. Best part is, the hostel is centrally-located, which allows you easy and quick access to all the crazy nightlife, the famous beach, and the best restaurants.

2. Rock Hostel

Rock Hostel is undoubtedly the second best option when it comes to safe, secure and hygienic accommodations for backpackers along with access to all the latest amenities, exciting tours, and a crazy round of social activities. You get to enjoy easy access to the South Beach, along with a wide range of rooms and packages, guest areas, onsite bars and restaurants, along with some of the best nightclubs and pubs in the area.

The staff is very friendly and they will help you commute around the Beach and get to see all the attractions that Miami Beach has to offer. You can also book tours through the Rock, rent jet-skis, and book your own romantic spots on the beach.

3. Posh South Beach

If you’re seeking a budget-friendly, luxurious and modern hotel, it doesn’t get better than the Posh South Beach, which offers the best packages for travellers and backpackers. It promotes a modern concept of shared-living experience, and the best opportunity to explore South Beach to its fullest.

You get to enjoy various modern amenities and privacy despite the entire sharing and bunk bed scenario, for instance you get your own comfy memory foam mattresses, privacy dividers, and a glorious rooftop pool with a sun-bathing deck, in case you find the beach too crowded.  You’ll also have easy access to the kitchen and appliances, and a daily extravagance of a continental breakfast.

  • Key West

1. Seashell International Hostel & Motel

If you’re planning to immerse into island charm of Key West, Seashell International Hostel & Motel is your best accommodation option, it is budget-friendly and invitingly warm. It is ideal for both, weekend getaways and long-term vacations, and it allows you to experience the culture and history of the authentic old town of Key West.

The hotel offers a wide range of amenities, rooms and packages to cater to all the needs of travellers and backpackers. You get to use the kitchen, TV courtyard, air-conditioner, laundry facility, daily housekeeping services, bicycle rentals, WiFi, appliances and a lot more.

The best part is, this hostel is hardly 3 blocks far from the beach, along with being near to the hottest tourist attractions, nightclubs, famous historic homes and restaurants.

2. Not Your Average Hotel

Just as the name implies, Not Your Average Hotel certainly offers an above-average and luxurious experience to backpackers, weekenders, and other travellers who seek to stop on Key West before heading out to the Miami Beach. You get to enjoy a brilliant ambiance and a fabulous environment abuzz with beachside affairs, nightlife, socialising and some of the best historic attractions of Key West.

The hotel provides 3 pools, 2 Jacuzzis, and a wide range of rooms and packages that will satisfy the budget of every traveller. You get to enjoy easy access to the beach, the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, the Tropical Gardens, and the Audubon House. 

  • Fort Lauderdale

1. Hotel Deauville

Hotel Deauville, an award-winning hotel, is undoubtedly one of the safest and most luxurious places for backpackers and travellers in Fort Lauderdale. It provides a lovely atmosphere that promotes both, a sociable and exciting environment along with a private setting. You will feel like you’re part of one big family, along with enjoying some alone time in the open air courtyards, or the in-ground swimming pool.

The hotel provides a wide range of accommodations, including the shared rooms, private rooms, single rooms and even dormitories.

2. Hollywood Beach Hostel

A modern and luxurious boutique hostel, the Hollywood Beach Hostel allows you to immerse in the exciting atmosphere of the Hollywood Beach, the boardwalk and the best attractions that Fort Lauderdale has to offer.

The environment is fun-loving, friendly and safe, and you get to enjoy a wide range of free amenities, including BBQ, secure lockers, bathing equipment, WIFI, bicycles, beach equipment, and a lot more. You can enjoy a wide range of accommodation services, such as private rooms, male, female and mixed-shared suites, private suites, and even bunk beds.

More recently, they have added an exciting Mexican bar and restaurant, the Taco Beach Shack, which has emerged as the hottest hangout at the beach with live music, projectors, games and cabanas.

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