Boost Your Resume From Home

It is always a good time to learn something new, especially with all the possibilities that can be found online. From art to technology, you can find a course that can make you more employable in a skill-based economy. If you are between jobs or looking to take your career in a new direction, there are many avenues you can follow to boost your resume at home in your spare time.

Learn a New Skill

Online resources make learning a new skill a much easier process. Simple searches online can show you the basics of anything from home repair to graphic arts. You can find videos of professionals at work, walking you through a project step by step. A new, practical skill can simply be part of your lifelong education. It can be a tool that comes in handy in unexpected ways. It can also be that special something that makes you stick out to an employer.

Become an Expert; Get Certified

It takes time to become an expert in any skill. Online courses and certification programs can help take you there. To be certified in a skill shows a level of commitment and knowledge that will make you attractive to a potential employer. For example, it is one thing to say that you know a little bit about web design. It is more powerful to able to point to your certifications in html, CSS and javascript, the basic languages of web design. In order to complete a certification program, you must prove your competency through testing and completed projects. For employers, this means that you could be someone who can get up to speed faster at a new job.

It Is a Good Time to Learn Some Tech

The demand for people with technology skills continues to grow. These days every business needs some kind of web presence, even if it is a simple web page showing the business’ hours of operation. This means that a basic knowledge of technology can come in handy for any person. You do not need to become an expert in a computer language. Even if you only the learn the basics, it can be a helpful skill in many settings.

In the modern tech marketplace, a great deal of emphasis is put on skill. Employers are less concerned about where you learned a skill than if you can put that skill to good use in the workplace. For the student, if you are trying to learn technology skills for a new career, one important consideration is paying attention to what skills are currently in need. What languages are employers using in programming? Should you learn React or AngularJS? What productivity software packages need experts behind them? Microsoft Azure training classes may be a good fit for you. Online courses can provide much of what you need to learn these skills without ever leaving home.

The teacher who told you that you should never stop learning was giving you sound advice. Online learning can help you follow that advice, improve your resume and take your career to the next level. What skill are you going to start learning today?

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