Bored of Regular Tourism? It is Time To Try Sports Tourism

In the recent weeks, thousands of people flocked to Russia to witness the football world cup in its full glory. Although the FIFA world cup only happens once in four years, several sporting events go on around the year across the world. There are the Wimbledon championships, F1 racing, Isle of Mann TT races, NBA games, and national league football. The USA is home to over 227 stadiums of varying capacity across the 50 states.

Why is the USA the best sports tourism destination?

The USA is home to a diverse array of sports and games. Apart from the national leagues, various local sports teams participate in state-level championships throughout the year. In short, if you want to travel to a country for a sport-themed vacation, you should definitely visit the United States. You may want to check the schedule of the various games before you buy your tickets and book your hotels. The local and state teams have impressive fan followings, and you might face some difficulty in finding appropriate lodging before a big game.

The USA is home to all the sports-crazy people

The market for professional sports in the US is close to $69 billion, and sports tourism makes up for about $7.68 billion. Some of the major professional sports leagues in the United States are the national basketball association (NBA), national football league (NFL), major league basketball (MLB) and national hockey league (NHL). The next most popular league is Major League Soccer, although it is not as popular in the other nations.

Sports tourism in the US requires considerable planning

There are 32 teams in the NFL, 30 in the MLB and 30 in the NBA. When the national league teams play against each other, the average attendance reaches about 68,500, 30,500 and 20,000 for NFL, MLB, and NBA respectively. So, when you see names like the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, and New York Yankees, you need to understand that you should get your bookings at least six months in advance.

Equine sports are as important as other major leagues

Apart from football, baseball, basketball and soccer, other sports and games like horse riding and thoroughbred races are also popular in the USA. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to the Churchill Downs in Kentucky to watch the most popular horse race in the history of equine sports. The Kentucky Derby is a crowning gem of the Annual Triple Crown races. Throngs of fans come to watch these races in person since simulated races, and TVG telecasts cannot replicate the adrenaline rush of standing beside the tracks, cheering for your favorite.

You can also try hard sports tourism

Aside from soft sports tourism like these, where you go to watch different games and matches between your favorite teams, you can also travel to different parts of the country to take part in sports. Whether it is paragliding at the Grand Canyon, bungee jumping from the Navajo Bridge or white water rafting at the Smoky Mountains, you can be a part of the thrill in the first person. No matter what kind of sporting experience you are looking for, the fifty states can provide it to you.

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