Bristol Restaurants That Make the City Proud

Bristol has a unique identity and creates its culture of arts, music, street festivals, bars and food scenes that set it apart from other British cities. The city moves forward to the tunes of music that it set for itself without caring to look at what other cities are up to. The food scene in Bristol bears the stamp of the same kind of individuality that the town boasts of, and some of the prominent restaurants find a place in this article.  These are some of the never to miss places when you are in Bristol because all of these are front-runners to find a place in the list of top restaurants in Bristol.

Bristol Restaurants That Make the City Proud


Located on the border of Kingsdown and Cotham, Bulrush is a neighbourhood restaurant that serves British food in all its modernity. The seasons drive the menu and focus on a variety of foraged ingredients spanning from sea vegetables to natural hedgerow. Local sourcing of animal products like rare breed pork, beef and lamb gives a natural touch to the menu along with organic vegetables and West Country cheeses. There is a small bar tucked within the dining area serving the produce of local brewers but also includes specialities like Japanese plum wine. There is a smaller dining area upstairs with a bar that accommodates 30 people and is ideal for organising private parties to celebrate events and special occasions.


Although this restaurant is a bar first and the food comes next, the place earns its reputation to a great extent from the food too.  The atmosphere of the restaurant is casual and relaxed and depending on how you want to spend time here; you can be perched on the high stools or sit at a table while glancing through the menu. Once you are here, there will be no need to look no further for Spanish and Mediterranean foods served in style.


Bravas is the place that gives you the perfect feel of being at a tapas bar in Spain. The food is straightforward and unpretentious in its Spanish appeal and is so much authentic in taste that you will feel like being on the Mediterranean shores. Together with the food, you get delicious Spanish wines, and even cold beers served in frozen glasses. Whether you are with your friends or partner, the relaxed and homely feeling of the place adds to your comfort. This is the place for tapas food and the menu changes daily just to take advantage of the varieties on offer in particular seasons.  The open kitchen and the ambient lighting give the guests the opportunity of seeing, hearing and smelling the food when it is cooked.


Wilks is a modern restaurant located in the Redland area of Bristol. The restaurant serves delicacies that are innovative creations, and there is a lot in store to tingle your taste buds. Experience the relaxed ambience of the place that becomes friendly to you in no time.  The restaurant uses local Ingredients to create the culinary wonders that would leave you delighted.

About the author – Mick Garstin is an accountant by profession but is hooked on good food that is his favourite past time. Whenever he finds time, he shares his experience of new restaurants that he has visited with

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