Reborn Dolls – Are They The Same As The Other Dolls?

  Most people don’t differentiate between dolls.                 For the majority, they are all the same and serve a similar purpose.                 However, not all dolls are made the same. Some of them, such as reborn dolls, have a special purpose and are focused on a certain group of people. If you’re a parent and wish to buy your daughter a new doll, you need to realize there is a big difference between regular manufactured dolls and reborn baby dolls.                 Interested in … [Read more...]

Key Forearm Fracture Facts Every Mom Should Know

Young children do not always have an inherent understanding of the consequences of their behavior and actions. They are naturally inquisitive and curious about the world, making them prone to injuries as they try to discover and learn more about their environment. One of the most common musculoskeletal injuries seen in children is a fractured bone. A fracture is a break in the bone caused by an outside force that exceeds the bone’s threshold. Keep in mind that the anatomy of a child is … [Read more...]

How to Help Your Child Make Friends

For children, making friends is a vital part of growing up. Even more, it is essential to their social and emotional development. But their social skills don’t develop automatically. How well they learn to make positive interactions with others depend on a variety of factors, including their relationship with their family. Research suggests that parents play a key role in helping children make friends. Here are some tips to get started: Introduce to your child the idea of friendships as … [Read more...]

Four Devices That Will Give Anxious Parents Peace Of Mind

Every parent wants to keep their children as safe as possible, whether they’re playing outdoors or hanging out online. These four tools will give anxious parents peace of mind and keep their child protected in any situation. 1. Internet Monitoring Software Kids as young as eight are accessing the internet and social networking sites on a regular basis. Most children have access to a desktop or laptop computer, and a large group also use mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. With all … [Read more...]

3 Simple Living Tips for Young Families with Kids

Whether you live rent or own an apartment in Northridge or live in luxury apartments in LA or anywhere else for that matter, it’s often difficult to live simply when you’re part of a young family just starting out with small children. It can be really complicated to live with little ones since they always seem to make a mess; they play sports and join clubs after school, have chores to do which you need to supervise, go to playdates, need potty training and chauffeuring around, and so much more. … [Read more...]

Sleep Deprivation in Mothers and What You Can Do About It

Not getting enough sleep is all too common of a reality, especially for mothers. While sleep deprivation might seem like a normal part of motherhood, it doesn’t erase the fact that getting little to no sleep has many ill-effects. There are many studies trying to determine the best number of hours an individual should spend sleeping. However, according to the NHS, if you wake up feeling exhausted and longing to have a nap all day long, it means that your body is not getting the right amount of … [Read more...]

Four Ways Bingo Can Boost Your Child’s Brain Power

Bingo games have a long history of being an ideal way to teach children. Believe it or not, it was used by 19th Century German educators as a way to teach students about numbers, math, spelling, colors, plant or animal recognition, history and even science – all the while they’re having fun. Bingo games are one of the first group participation games that kids learn to play in school. Through playing this game with others, kids are able to keep their young minds sharp and inquisitive. As they … [Read more...]

Enjoy Savings On Family Activities with the KidStuff Coupon Book – Now On Sale!

For the first time ever, all 30 KidStuff Coupon Books 2017-18 editions are on sale for only $15 (regularly $25) with free shipping! You can save HUNDREDS of dollars with these books that are available NOW at KidStuff's online store! Inventory is limited! Schools and families have been asking KidStuff for an app so they are going all-digital in fall 2018 with their new KidStuff Coupon App Fundraiser for schools! KidStuff has raised over $75 million for education since 1993 and is … [Read more...]