3 Ways to Deepen Your Spirituality When You’ve Been Preoccupied

From time to time, we all get caught up and preoccupied with the petty concerns of everyday life. We worry about making it to work on time, and handling that big project we’ve been assigned, we worry about the shape we’re in, and about the economy, and so on. But when jarring and terrible happens — like a near death experience — all of that “extremely important” stuff quickly falls by the wayside and we begin to refocus our attention on the things that really. For those of us who are … [Read more...]

Ways Parents Can Prepare Their Teen Drivers For The Roads

Most parents dread the day their teen is old enough to start driving. It can be a scary thing for a parent to have to go through. Thankfully, there a many things a parent can do in order to properly prepare their kids for driving such as offering to let them study a Teenage car accident guide before they begin driving. A parent's worst fear is that their children get into an accident. If they do, however, it is important to hire the help of a reputable lawyer, such as Sutliff & Stout from … [Read more...]

Why You Should Avoid Buying New Baby Clothes

With the arrival of a new little angel in your life comes a flurry of purchases and needs. While it is necessary to overstock on diapers, do not make the mistake of becoming knee-deep in baby clothes. Perusing the baby section at your favorite department store might uncover endless adorable onesies, dresses, and t-shirts emblazoned with, “I love my mommy,” but store-bought clothes are not the only option out there. Before you charge up that credit card, consider some of these perspectives … [Read more...]

Getting Your Kid’s First Bike — The Most Important Factors to Consider

Most of us remember our bikes fondly. They are, after all, the first vehicles we’ve ever owned. And like any good parent, we want to share the best parts of our childhood with our children. If this entails getting your kids their very first bike, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Buying a bike is similar to buying a car, except that there’s no paperwork involved and well, it doesn’t really cost a lot compared to a car. But there some unwritten factors that have to be considered … [Read more...]

Top Tips To Make Your Pregnancy Comfortable

For some women, getting pregnant is a miracle. To carry another human being in your body is an amazing experience. However, a pregnancy is not always fun. The happiness of getting pregnant can be dulled by the pain and aches and nausea that accompanies it. It introduces a whole new level of discomfort. Bleeding while peeing, uncomfortable sleeping positions, waking up in the middle of the night because of those crazy hungry pangs, etc. It’s no walk in the park. However there are some ways and … [Read more...]

How To Make Math As Fun As Possible

If there is one common challenge for many parents, it is to make sure that your child feels that learning is fun. Particularly when it comes to math. Math is an important skill to learn, however it isn’t the easiest of skills to get to grips with. In fact, the University of Chicago and Western University conducted a study in 2012 which found that to some people, the idea of complete math work is the same as experiencing physical pain. So, what can be done about this experience of math?  How … [Read more...]

Child Care Rebate: Who is Eligible and How Could it Benefit You?

Child care can be an expensive business, leaving parents with the difficult choice of deciding whether it’s just better to stay at home or go to work. This means that in many cases one parent is forced to give up career or education in order to care for the children. Even families with a decent income are likely to feel the strain when it comes to child care, making returning to work a difficult process. Government schemes such as child care rebate aim to reduce this strain and help parents to … [Read more...]

What to Do in Case of a Separation

Family comes first, and parents know this for a fact. For this reason, it is always important to make sure that everything, from finances to access to quality healthcare, is secured. For sure, this should always be the case even if a divorce is in order. Both parents have responsibilities to fulfill even when the marriage no longer exists. As it is written in law, both partners will have to secure each other’s futures and that of their children as well. Indeed, the process of divorce involves … [Read more...]