Halal Catering Basics: Things You Need to Know

Many, especially in the Western world, are still unsure of what constitutes a Halal food. Halal translates to lawful or legal and is, at its most simple, a term that's assigned to any action that's permissible under Islamic law. The term is extended to food to denote all foods that are consumable under Islamic law, much in the same way that the Kashrut indicates what foods a member of the Jewish faith can eat. While the term is used widely throughout Islamic countries to denote any illegal … [Read more...]

Interesting Recipes You Can Make With a Blender

Most people think of a blender as a basic kitchen tool for crushing ice, making drinks and emulsifying various foods. Times have changed. Blenders have evolved and come into their own for all sorts of cooking and baking needs. Imagine preparing one of your favorite recipes or concocting a new one with your blender in mind. A good blender is the perfect companion piece for creating new and interesting recipes.  Here are a few blender recipe ideas that just might guide you down the … [Read more...]

Best Coffee Beans – Our Top 4 Selections

Every good coffee blog just loves to spill the beans about the best coffee beans out there!  You can have all the fancy brewing equipment under the sun, but if your beans aren’t great—the resulting cup of coffee won’t be either. The coffee bean is at the heart of a fantastic cup of coffee and that’s why proper care should be taken when deciding which bean is best for you.  So today we’ll not only be sharing four of the best coffee beans available within the coffee community, … [Read more...]

Cold Smokers That You Should Consider Buying for Your Garden

If you are a foodie and have a love for natural aromatic flavors, you will know how important smoking can be to enhance your food flavors. Smoking can take your food taste a notch above. However, a lot of people are reluctant to try their hand at smoking because conventional hot smoking methods have a risk of overheating or burning the food. If heat smoking is not your cup of tea, you can always try a cold smoker. Here are a few cold smokers that you might want to consider for … [Read more...]

Get Out of the Cold & Have Dinner at O’Charley’s!

During the winter it takes a lot for me to get out of the house because I absolutely hate the cold. But there are a few things I will go out for - one of them being delicious food! That's where O'Charley's comes in. We recently visited our local one in Harrison and I can't wait to tell you about some of the deals going on currently. My dad, 5 month old daughter, and I visited last week. Check out the pictures above! For my meal, I enjoyed a delicious ribeye steak with a loaded baked … [Read more...]

My Secret Recipe To Cook Beef Steak

Beef needs a different procedure while cooking to make it taste delicious. There are different ways that you can cook meat, and there is likewise a wide range of cuts of cow beef. A cow, when it is cut up, has nine essential areas. They are as per the following: rib, brisket, chuck, shank, short loin, flank, round, tenderloin, and sirloin. A few cuts of meat are more delicate than others. The tenderloin is the most costly, delicate and delicious cut of beef.  You can cook it in a dish, … [Read more...]

Goodbye Fogginess: How to Clean Cloudy Drinking Glasses

Say goodbye to vessels that always look dirty — even when they're not! Read on to learn how to clean cloudy drinking glasses here. How well do you take care of your glassware? Even when you take meticulous care of them, do you still notice a foggy appearance? Foggy glasses are a problem that many learn to ignore. However, it’s easy to notice the problem when you have important guests over. Most people dispose of their drinking glasses when they become cloudy. Did you know that you can … [Read more...]

Warm and Hearty Winter Delights to Keep You Cozy

Over the course of the four seasons, Americans dine out about 4.5 times per week. It’s likely that much of that weekly dining is done during summer and spring. The winter months may be a time for staying in, dining heartily, and chasing away the cold and grey with warm, colorful dishes prepared at home. Read on for a full buffet of meals and drinks that will keep your kitchen and belly warm this winter. Breakfast Hot Chocolate French Toast While it's doubtful that the Aztecs had this … [Read more...]