Make a Difference In a Child’s Life By Fostering or Adopting

When you think about children what is the first thing that comes to mind? Smiling, laughing, hugs, happiness? Those are all great words to describe the way that kids make us feel. They make us feel loved, appreciated and needed. But what about those kids who have never had that return experience of being loved, nurtured, needed and appreciated? Yes, as sad as it is, those kids are out there and there are thousands of them. They are the kids that are in foster care. Most of these kids grow … [Read more...]

Exciting Announcement!

I have some exciting news that has to do with my family.  My husband and I, as you all should know, have a wonderful 14 and a half month old daughter.  Well, we want to expand our family.  But right now instead of having our own child, we want to become foster parents!  We are in the process of learning about a few foster care agencies around our city and we will pick one and start the process!  We are very excited about doing this.  There is nothing we love more than being parents and we want … [Read more...]