Should Mothers Be Charged with Child Abuse for Using Drugs While Pregnant?

The issue of drug and alcohol abuse by pregnant mothers continues to stoke a lot of debate in legal and health circles. The sensitivity of the issue is understandable, especially when it comes to determining whether such mothers need to be punished or treated for their addiction disease. The issue of addiction among pregnant mothers and those with newborn babies has not received the needed attention and hence society is now faced with a new challenge with no easy answers. The Danger in Lack … [Read more...]

An Overview of The Common Steps Toward Successful Rehabilitation

As a recovering addict, you need to remember that recovery takes time and you need to be patient. It is a lengthy process, often fraught with a lot of struggle and pain. It may seem easier for someone looking from the outside, but it is a challenging expedition to those who get inside and bravely sign up for it. Even though we are trying to discuss it stage by stage here, the fine details each phase may defer from program to program. However, the ultimate goal of all such programs remain the … [Read more...]

Transition to Vegan Diet – Steps and Some Common Questions Answered

There are a lot of people who categorize themselves as vegetarian and non-vegetarian, but a very few are called vegan. Many people have heard about it, but have genuine concerns about how to make the transition to vegan diet. Here we will have a brief overview about the transition steps and a few essentials you need to know about vegan diet before committing to it. For a beginner, the approach to going vegan overnight may seem to be very scary. However, there is no such rule that you need to … [Read more...]

Beachbody Country Heat #OMHoliday16

Before we know it the New Year will be upon us and everyone will be making New Year’s resolutions to lose some weight. These resolutions are rarely kept and often made in haste. While I can appreciate the desire to lose some weight, eat healthier and overall try to make a positive change in your life, I think it’s time to make realistic New Year’s resolutions so you will be resolved to actually make change. Today I want to share Beachbody Country Heat as a means to give you a product idea that … [Read more...]

Vision Care is Important and OneSight Can Help #UNBLUR

“This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/OneSight.” With world sight day being October 13, 2016 I wanted to take a moment to share some information with you regarding one way OneSight is trying to help #unblur those suffering from blurry vision. There are many ways blurry vision can wreak havoc upon your life: Inability to see beauty in the world around you. Headaches occurring frequently due to eyes straining to see clear. Inability to live day to day life happily. Blurry vision … [Read more...]

Health Conditions To Watch For As You Age

A healthy lifestyle reduces your vulnerability to a multitude of diseases and allows the mind and body to function properly and to the best of its capability. As you age, your body changes, so it is increasingly important to maintain your health to protect yourself from many age-related conditions. Luckily, it is not too difficult to prevent yourself from becoming a victim to one of these many conditions. Your body grows increasingly sensitive as you grow older, so exercising regularly … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Drinking Water + Ulla Hydration Reminder

There is without a doubt any question that water is a necessity for human beings, it helps keep us hydrated which allows for our brain to function properly. While many know the immediate benefits of drinking water, I wanted to go a bit further today and really dive into more benefits of this tasteless yet healthy for us option. Improves Your Mood – did you know that drinking an adequate amount of water each day and help improve your overall mood? It’s true. Dehydration can lead to … [Read more...]

Why I Use Poise Microliners for LBL and Not Feminine Products #PoiseLinerLove

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Poise and Acorn Influence. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own. I have talked about light bladder leakage (LBL) on my blog before. Yes, I am talking about it again. Why? Because it's important. I am 26 years old now and I deal with it. I have ever since my daughter was born. It's just a part of life for many women, and there is no reason to be embarrassed. I am sure you talk to or encounter someone everywhere you go that is dealing with it. … [Read more...]