Keeping Your Hound Safe This Halloween

Veterinary calls during Halloween week increase by 12%, according to Pet Poison Helpline. This is because the bags of sweets, chocolates and tasty treats that fill the nation’s homes during this time of the year are dangerous if consumed by dogs. Therefore, when you’re planning fun family activities this Halloween, make sure the entire family know and understand the items which pose a risk to your beloved pooch. Trick or Treaters While trick or treating is a fun and enjoyable activity for your … [Read more...]

Boo-It-Forward With Ghostbusters and Walmart! #BooItForward #Ghostbusters

I am one of those people that can't wait for October. Why? Halloween, of course! October is an extra special month this year since Ghostbusters comes out on DVD! You don't want to miss Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Extended Edition that is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital today! I'm excited to let you know how you can Boo-It-Forward, too! Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Extended Edition features more than 15 minutes of never-before-seen film footage and more than four hours of bonus … [Read more...]

Embroidery Hoop Pumpkin

Turn an old embroidery hoop into a snazzy pumpkin décor piece when you give this easy DIY a try. This embroidery hoop pumpkin is a great way to add some décor to your walls and is even a great craft to do with kids. Here is how you can get started making your own. Supplies Needed: Embroidery Hoop Orange craft foam Black marker Scissors Green ribbon or twine Directions: Begin by placing the piece of orange craft foam into the hoop. Secure the hoop so it is tight around … [Read more...]

50 Indoor Halloween Decorations

October is now here! Now is the perfect time to start decorating for Halloween. I've put together a list of 50 fun indoor Halloween decorations. These are sure to add spook and fun to your home.1. Beistle Halloween Mobile Hanging Party Decorating Item, 30-Inch - $5.23 2. Haunted Grave Scene Setter Kit - $14.87 3. Beistle Zombies Lab Door Cover, 30 by 5-Inch - $5.73 4. Ceramic LED Halloween Figurine - Pumpkins, LED Ghost, and Black Cat With Witch Hat - $20.00 5. Halloween Garland - … [Read more...]

Scary or Fun – How to Choose a Great Halloween Costume

You can go two ways when you’re choosing an outfit for Halloween; fun or fright. Of course, it’s possible to combine the two. There are witch, werewolf and other costumes that get the balance just right. On the other hand, going to a party dressed as Leatherface, complete with chainsaw probably isn’t going to raise much laughter. There isn’t really a right or wrong when it comes to Halloween costumes; it depends on the circumstances. You need to think about where you will be wearing the … [Read more...]

DIY Pumpkin Puppets

Want some easy and inexpensive fun this fall season? Take a look at these DIY pumpkin puppets, perfect for kids to act out Halloween finger plays or puppet shows. You only need a few supplies to make your own, so here is how you can get started! Supplies needed: Wooden craft sticks Orange craft paint Black marker Green pipe cleaners Scissors Hot glue, glue gun Paint brush Directions: Begin by applying two coats of orange paint to the craft sticks. Allow the paint to dry … [Read more...]

Mandarin Orange Jack-o-Lantern

Are you looking for the perfect way to add some Halloween charm to your child’s lunch box? If so, these mandarin orange jack-o-lanterns are the perfect craft. Easy to make and even easier to enjoy, this is a craft kids can get active with or you can include in their lunch as a surprise. Here is how you can get started crafting your own. Supplies Needed: Mandarin orange cups Black craft paper or foam Scissors Craft glue Optional: green craft foam Directions: Begin by cutting … [Read more...]

Spooky Ghost Clothespins

Children will love crafting their own spooky ghost clothespins just like the ones you see here. You can make them for just pennies each, and they are perfect to use as puppets, finger plays, or for hanging up artwork. Take a peek below at how to make your own spooky ghost clothespins. Supplies Needed: Wooden clothespins White craft paint Paint brush Black marker Directions: Begin by applying two coats of white paint to the clothespins. Let the coats dry in between. Once the … [Read more...]