Happier Days, Healthier Nights: Top Tech for Improving Your Outlook on Life

Technology has improved our day-to-day existence in many ways in just about every aspect of life including health, education, environment, industry, personal relations, communications, and organization. Ultimately tech offers a vast array of tools for you and your family to keep your days happier and your nights healthier. Here are ten ways technology can enhance your life. Organizing your schedule: Tech can help you run a tight ship whether your focus is coordinating meetings with clients … [Read more...]

Glade & Air Wick Vanilla Refills: Invigorate your Sense with this Stress Busting Blend!

Could there possibly be anything more scintillating and invigorating than the rich scent of vanilla entering your nose as soon as you enter the house? Research reveals that vanilla actually happens to be one of the scents that rejuvenate the mind, strengthen the functioning of respiratory organs, and relax you with their mood uplifting powers. As mothers, we want nothing more than our house to be a nurturing environment that nourishes and enhances the growth of our children. And at the same … [Read more...]

6 Lifestyle Habits That Will Make You Feel Young Again

Want to stay forever young?  Here are 6 lifestyle tweaks that help you stay young inside and out. While we tend to think that degenerative diseases are triggered by the natural aging process, according to holistic nutritionist Meghan Telpner, most of the degenerative conditions that we acquire she says have to do with lifestyle. Get enough sleep While asleep, the human body “does its healing and repairing”, Telpner says. Getting sufficient sleep is crucial for both superficial and deep … [Read more...]

Factors to Consider when Renting Photo Booths for Events

Photo booths are among the most popular forms of guest entertainment at events. There are various things apart from price that you need to consider when hiring a photo booth company. Create a checklist that covers your expectations and what you should look for when you want a photo booth rental for your party. Size A key consideration is the size of the booth. You need to find a photo booth according to whether or not it will be able to fit in the space that is available at your venue of … [Read more...]

5 Great Ways To Liven Your Backyard

Some families rarely use their backyards and that is a real shame. Besides the obvious fact that backyard allow you to spend some time outside, breathing the fresh air, they can also be a place where you can spend so much quality time. In most cases, the problem lies in lack of activities. Simply put, some people easily get bored; they need an additional source of entertainment. Luckily for you, there are numerous ways to revamp your backyard and make it more fun and relaxing. Here are 5 good … [Read more...]

Parents & Finances: Common Money Problems

Along with being open to your children about aspects of your financial situation such as how much you earn, what your car costs or what you paid for a recent purchase, you need to know how to tackle a variety of financial concerns. Worrying about your money problems will not solve them. Finding ways to overcome them is the first step to financial recovery. Budget Common financial problems include not living within a budget. Parents are likely to encounter issues is if they do not take … [Read more...]

Parenting and Debt: Restoring your Finances and Consolidating Debt

Raising children and sustaining a family is a rewarding experience but managing finances can be challenging. With limited income to cater for difficult times, many parents face the task of balancing their work and children’s needs. The possibility of being in arrears on personal debts and bills makes it necessary to spare some time and research on how you can stabilize your finances on a long-term basis. Making numerous bad financial decisions can lead to major consumer debt over time. … [Read more...]

Parenting and Debt Consolidation Loans- Tips for Getting out of Debt

Debt is a problem that many households struggle with. Parents often accumulate debt from mortgages, credit cards, childcare costs and unexpected events. Without emergency funds to cover unforeseen circumstances and still being burdened by other lines of debt such as student loans, you can end up with a difficult financial situation. Debt Consolidation Consolidating debt refers to the process of combining the accounts that are paid on a monthly basis into a single payment rather than … [Read more...]