5 Neighborhoods in DC that are Child-Friendly

Planning a move soon? Perhaps you and your family are trying to narrow down a safe and family-focused location to plant your roots and grow together.  Perhaps you’re looking for something fun, thriving and adventurous. Perhaps you’re looking for a small community that offers safety and nature. There are many communities in Washington DC that have had a bad reputation in the past, but all of that is changing and the area is taking proactive steps to make their communities more … [Read more...]

The Must-See Places to Visit in Iceland

Among the most significant considerations while planning for a vacation is picking a suitable destination. You need a place with a combination of interests that makes you tick. From the adrenaline rush, rich culture, fantastic cuisine to mention a few, a destination needs to offer an exciting experience to make it an ideal vacation choice. While choosing a vacation destination, however, you need to factor in your budget as well. The good news is, with sites such as … [Read more...]

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained on a Road Trip

Fall is in full gear and that means the holiday season is just around the corner! With trips to visit friends and family on the horizon for many, it’s a good time to get prepared for a long road trip with your kids. As much as we love the destination, the journey isn’t always smooth sailing with bored kids involved! Check out these top 5 ways to keep your kids entertained on a road trip. Pack a goodie-box or treasure chest. Use a plastic lunch box or other containers to serve as a … [Read more...]

What Are The Things To Consider When Going On A Tour In Africa

If you have not been to Africa just yet, it is time that you consider it today. When you hear the word Africa, three things will surely come in to your head, wildlife, nature and experience. There are so many places to visit in Africa and too many activities to try. Things To Consider When Going On A Tour In Africa Just before you get too excited and book a flight to Africa, there are important things you need to know first. To help you with your African tour plans, below are some of the … [Read more...]

9 Things To Do When in San Jose, California on a Solo Trip

California is called the Silicon Valley and San Jose is regarded to be its heart. This city is popular across the globe and known for being the global technology hub. Besides the technological marvels here, there are also numerous things to do and activities to indulge in for the solo traveler, be it a male or female. Things to do Explore artwork at the Art San Jose Museum: This museum is popular for its modern and contemporary art mix and presents around 9-12 exhibitions annually, … [Read more...]

Things To Consider While Visiting Pakistan

Whether it is exploring the mountains in the north or relishing the cultural extravagance of the country, Pakistan has a lot to offer to its tourists. Imbibing the Mughal architecture in each of its monuments, Pakistan is a great place to discover the magnificence of the bygone era.  When it comes to traveling, there are plenty of factors that need to be considered prior to board the flight. From packing to setting up the itinerary, every step creates a significant difference in your … [Read more...]

Easy Ways To Get The Best Cheap Hotel Bookings

Many people use hostels and other affordable accommodation options to keep their traveling budget in check. Even if they love the lavishness of a hotel and the many perks that come with it, they let it go for fear of high prices. You could be one of them. Of course, you can't get hotels for low prices, and then the idea of spending money on something that is going to last just a few hours for you may not make much sense. Hence, you may prefer a bed and breakfast or homestay kind of … [Read more...]

Renting a Minibus for a Family Roadtrip Adventure

Since people of different ages and needs will be joining you, there will be a lot of different things to consider when you are booking the accommodations and transportations and deciding on the destination, planning the routes, etc. Planning the perfect mode of transportation is as important as planning the road trip itself. One good idea would be to rent a minibus with a driver. This way, everyone’s many needs are met, people get to catch up on the way, there are no coordination issues, … [Read more...]