Cheesy Chicken or Steak Rice & Vegetable Bowl Recipe #NewFromHormel #Shop

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Cheesy Chicken or Steak Rice & Vegetable Bowl Recipe #NewFromHormel #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

There’s nothing I love more than when a brand I have enjoyed for a long time comes out with a new line of products.  Especially when those products make dinner even easier for me.  Since Riley is now in school, I am looking for even more easy to make meals – luckily Hormel has two new prodcuts that have high quality ingredients in them, and taste like the entire dinner was made from scratch!

Cheesy Chicken or Steak Rice & Vegetable Bowl Recipe #NewFromHormel #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

I headed to my local Kroger Marketplace in search of Hormel’s Everyday Scratch and Hot Sandwich Meat products.  I figured they would be near the other refrigerated meats, but I was perusing near the deli and happened to come across the Hormel Everyday Scratch items on the very bottom shelf.  Right now, there’s a great coupon to get $1 off this product (Expires 11/30/2014)!

Cheesy Chicken or Steak Rice & Vegetable Bowl Recipe #NewFromHormel #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

I did not see the Hormel Hot Sandwich Meats with the Everyday Scratch, so I headed back near where the rest of the refrigerated meats were.  BINGO!  Found it!  Unfortunately it looks like my Kroger just has the Philly Style Steak and Buffalo Style Chicken – I really hope they get the other 3 flavors in soon.  Don’t worry, there’s another $1 off coupon for the Hot Sandwich Meats too!  😉  This one expires 11/30/2014, as well.

I grabbed a few other essentials and headed home to make an easy meal.  Luckily I already had the other 2 ingredients I needed, besides the Hormel products.  So I was set as far as dinner goes!

Cheesy Chicken or Steak Rice & Vegetable Bowl Recipe #NewFromHormel #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

Cheesy Chicken or Steak Rice & Vegetable Bowl


  • Hormel Hot Sandwich Meats and/or Hormel Everyday Scratch Product, Variety Of Your Choice (I’m using the Philly Style Steak and Rotisserie Style Chicken.)
  • Cheddar Broccoli Rice Mix
  • Baja Style Corn Mix


  1. Cook the cheddar broccoli rice mix as directed on the package.  Towards the end of cook time, heat up the Hormel Hot Sandwich Meats and/or Hormel Everyday Scratch products as directed on the package.
  2. Heat the baja corn as directed on package – stir into cheddar broccoli rice when it is finished cooking.
  3. Place a heaping scoop of the cheddary broccoli rice in a bowl, and top with your choice of meat.

Cheesy Chicken or Steak Rice & Vegetable Bowl Recipe #NewFromHormel #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

The Philly Style Steak has peppers in it, and it adds another level of delicious flavor to the dish!

Cheesy Chicken or Steak Rice & Vegetable Bowl Recipe #NewFromHormel #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

My favorite is usually steak, but this Rotisserie Style Chicken has definitely won me over when paired with the rice and vegetables.  I’ve been craving this again!

If you are looking for an easy, delicious, tastes like it’s made from scratch meal, this Cheesy Chicken/Steak Rice and Vegetable bowl is definitely where it’s at!  So full of flavor, you will leave the dinner table very satisfied!


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    That sounds absolutely amazing. I am sure that would be a huge hit in my house.

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