Have Christmas Coloring Fun with the Cute Christmas Holiday Coloring Book

Who doesn’t love Christmas and puppies, kittens, and other animals? What about combinging them? That’s what you get with the Cute Christmas Holiday Coloring Book from Fox Chapel Publishing!

If you were to do one coloring page a day, you would have over a month (32 pages, to be exact) of coloring fun available.

Not only are the pages of Cute Christmas super cute,  but I absolutely love how easy they are to get out of the book. I like to take one page out and work on it independently. Luckily the perforated pages on this book are great Рnot difficult like others I have dealt with. Also, they are one sided and include a fun Christmas quote on the back side. This is such a great feature!

Make sure your bust out your crayons, colored pencils, gel pens, or other coloring utensil and get to coloring these fun pages this Christmas season. The kids are sure to enjoy, as well!

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