Coping Tips To Get Through A Challenging Pregnancy

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We’ve all had friends or family members who have experienced a challenging pregnancy.  You could just tell by the way these women walked and the visible drain on their faces that the pregnancy was taking a toll on them.  In this article, we’re going to share some helpful ways you can use to get through a challenging pregnancy with a smile. Going through challenging pregnancies is common and should not be a cause of too much stress and worry. To further help you learn how to get through a challenging pregnancy, here are the top tips to follow.

1. Keep Perspective in a Challenging Pregnancy

While every day may feel long, the time of pregnancy is relatively short.  Being pregnant is one of the joys that only some women can experience in their lives. Even though it is a normal thing for many women, there are women that really struggle to get pregnant due to different factors like infertility and complications with the womb.

2. Every Pregnancy is Different

Even if this one is challenging, don’t let it turn you off to having more children. Most women that have undergone pregnancies, especially those that have been pregnant more than once will tell you that it is not a simple process. No pregnancy resembles another; they are all different, even with the same mother. You will also find out that getting a positive test for pregnancy does not mean that you are safe and all will go well, there are times when you can either go through complications or even have a miscarriage. Going through difficult situations during pregnancy is normal and it should not be a cause for alarm because most pregnancies survive.

3. Improve Pregnancy with a Diet of Quality Food

One of the best ways you can get through this challenging time is focus on eating only foods that have good nutritional value for you and your baby.  You can’t go wrong with green leafy vegetables and high quality fats and proteins. (This doesn’t mean fast food places!). Avoid lots of carbohydrates as they will spike your blood sugar and make you feel worse. The Brewer Diet is one recommended for pregnancy and helps produce many healthy babies.

4. Get Some Exercise to Feel Better in Pregnancy

Try to carve out even 5 or 10 minutes to get moving.  This can be something like walking, yoga, swimming, or riding a bike.  Exercise is proven to have a major positive impact on our mental well-being, fight off depression, and it also keeps your body in better shape to carry the growing baby.

5.Acceptance of Your Pregnancy Body and Situation

Accept the reality of now and continue to look for things to be thankful for. Things will be changing soon! As mentioned above, pregnancies vary even with the same mother. However, there may be similar patterns for example in the nausea levels, tiredness and even appetite behavior in the same mother. Many women think that being pregnant is an all-pleasant experience, but this is not the case.

During pregnancy, the expectant mother will experience bursts of hormonal changes and imbalances that could result in other related health issues. While the severity of these conditions may vary, it is important to embrace them, ask for guidance from the doctor and follow any recommendations. This is the best way to ensure that you pull through easily during difficult pregnancies.

6.Take Good Care of Yourself During Pregnancy

Many women tend to abandon the responsibility of taking care of their bodies during the pregnancy. This is because the first stages of pregnancy are usually very hectic for women, especially the first-time expectant mothers. Do something that you like and have fun.  During a difficult pregnancy, it is extremely helpful to find an activity that calms you down and helps you relax and take your mind off things.

This activity could be a hobby or a talent or even a skill. Incorporating this activity into your daily schedule will not only enable you to get used to doing it, but it will also make your difficult pregnancy easier to manage. Within no time, you will be in your last trimester.

7. Meditation For Improving Pregnancy

Taking time out to be still and focus on your breath, and visualize positive, relaxing, hope inspiring things can be very beneficial.  Even if you just stop for a few moments and take 5 slow deep breaths, that can go a long way to reset your complaints and concerns and reconnect with the simplicity of life.

If your pregnancy ever becomes so difficult that you consider the thought “where can I get an abortion,” be sure to reach out to someone who can care for an encourage you, such as a friend, family member or doctor. The physical and mental health of you and your baby is critical.

Many of the women that have been pregnant, especially more than once, can tell that pregnancy is not easy and as glowing as it is made to appear. There are some women that experience difficulties during their pregnancy, and this is more prevalent among women who are older or have experienced difficulties in getting pregnant. Difficulties and complications during pregnancy are a normal occurrence and in most cases not cause for alarm. Be sure to follow the tips above to get through your pregnancy with grace and enjoyment of the wonder that’s actually happening within your body.

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