Day 1 of March 2013 Blog Challenge

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I’ve decided to join in on the 31 Day March 2013 Blog Challenge that is being hosted by Fabulous Finds by Tiffany!  It sounded like a really good idea for you to get to know me a little better, and that way I won’t be drawing a blank on what to talk about!  :-)

Day 1: Self Portrait & 5 Random Facts

Self Portrait March 1 2013 Optimistic Mommy[I literally JUST took this… ignore my messy hair and crappy camera phone.  Lol.]

  1. I’m a Scentsy consultant and I’m super excited about all the new products that just came out for Spring/Summer! :)  Especially the new warmers.  I got to see them at Spring Sprint, and they’re even more gorgeous in person than in the catalog!
  2. I’m obsessed about keeping my fingernails clean… I carry fingernail clippers with me pretty much everywhere.  With my fingernails, also, I hate how I will put polish on my nails and they chip within 2 hours.  If you have any tips on getting by this, I’d love to hear it!
  3. It amazes me how smart my daughter is at so young.  And the way she catches on to things?  It’s amazing!
  4. I loveeee Boulder Canyon BBQ chips – so good!  Plus they’re organic – which I never thought I’d actually enjoy something organic.  With how good these are, it makes me a little more adventurous to try organic things.
  5. I really want to try being vegetarian for a month… but I know I wouldn’t be able to make it because I love meat way too much.  How sad, right?


Here is the whole month of March’s blog challenge if you would like to join in:



  1. Wow, I don’t think I could go vegetarian for a whole month. Maybe organic or All Natural. lol You wouldn’t like the condition of my nails. They’re clean, but not feminine. I’ve never heard of those chips, but yum!

  2. I definitely couldn’t go vegetarian for a month. Honestly, I’m not sure I could do it for an entire day *shameface*

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! I think it’s the fact that I know I can’t/shouldn’t have something that makes it so difficult to stay away from…

  3. I can relate. I’d love to be a vegetarian. I can’t even do it for a week.

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