How to Dress Up Your Man This Winter

Sure, the summer has its perks – every day is filled with sunshine and you can hang out at the beach for hours – but the winter is the real unsung hero of the year. Why? Because of winter fashion, that is why. With cooler days and longer nights, you can get seriously creative. From expert layering to well-chosen accessories, the options are endless.

But not everyone always knows what to do with their wardrobe once shorts and sandals are taken off the table, and if you are reading this right now, we are willing to bet that person is your fella. So, to help your man out, here are some tips on how men can rule over the winter – and some definite don’ts they need to avoid.

For the love of all that is good, ditch the flip flops!

While the weather might still be warm enough to wear shorts, you need to convince your man to ditch the flip flops. To be honest, unless he is on a beach, they are just never appropriate to wear in public – unless he likes looking like a frat boy on spring break, that is. If it is warm, he might want to try some cool leather moccasins instead of the sandals. Moccasins are not only on trend right now, they will also be super comfortable and can be worn with shorts or jeans—check out the men’s moccasins from Minnetonka Moccasin. If the weather is colder, this is the perfect opportunity for him to get some cool biker boots and some classic Oxfords – paired with cozy wool socks, of course. With those pairs of shoes in his closet, he will be able to fit into pretty much any occasion this winter, from office holiday parties to pub crawls. (For some extra style, find these styles in navy or tan instead of black.)

For additional info, check out this great article on the best winter shoes!

Do not overdo the themed outfits

While you and your man will undoubtedly go to at least one ugly sweater party (grab him an ugly Christmas sweater from Tipsy Elves—don’t forget to shop for your own!), he should be careful to not overdo the themed outfits this winter. Leave the statement pullovers to the festivities.

Choosing colors and textures that he would wear throughout the year is not only a practical option for anyone wanting to be financially responsible, but he probably already has some items in his wardrobe that would work. Look for neutral spins on the classic holiday colors. For instance, no need to get a bright green sweater when he could nab a nice muted moss green one that he would want to wear no matter the season. Plus, using colors that will not overwhelm a look makes it a lot easier to layer.

Be selective with trends

When creating a winter wardrobe for your man, you want to find pieces that he would wear all year round. Because of this, you will want to be very selective with the trends you follow. While current trends will certainly make him look super stylish and in-the-know, some of them might not be popular anymore the following winter, which will mean he has to buy all new clothing pieces. You want to avoid this as much as possible. Something like a good leather jacket, for instance, will probably always be fashionable – while the popularity of faux fur trims might die by next year.

Perfect his layering game

We’ve mentioned layering quite a bit, but if you are not sure how to help him with layering and what to layer, this last bit is especially important. The basic purpose of layering is to stay warm. Wearing light layers will actually keep you warmer than a thick sweater or jacket, and if you get too warm, you can simply take one layer off. Layering also allows him to experiment with mixing and matching clothes, leaving a ton of room for creativity. For instance, a guy can wear a basic undershirt, then add a tailored  stripped button down from Columbia on top, then a comfortable cardigan over that and finally a black coat to finish the look. If it is cold enough, he can add a wide scarf and a wool beanie. If he layers them all in a way that allows each piece to be seen in some way, he will end up looking like a Hollywood actor casually strolling through the snow—lucky you!


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