Which Electric Fireplace Insert Is Right For You?

Why Consider an Electric Fireplace Insert?

An electric fireplace insert whether built-in or plug-in is a viable option in comparison with wood or gas units. With various electric fireplace insert options, you can make your home or office space not just warm but also an eye-catching area offering a pleasant sparkling bed of embers and a natural-looking fire impact. Every unit is projected to work with heat or flame effect only. In addition to the fact that they are practical and flexible, they also obviate the need to stress over smoke, fumes or the jumble related with conventional fireplaces.  

Two common types of electric fireplace inserts are built-in and plug-in. Both serve as an efficient addition to your home and office. There are a few differences between the two, and you can choose the right fit for your area depending on your lifestyle.

Which Electric Fireplace Insert Is Right For You?

Built-in Fireplace Inserts

Built-in electric fireplaces have a glass door or glass front and are encased in a metal box with ember bed or logs. These fireplaces can be put in a currently existing firebox or installed into a wall where a fireplace did not exist before. You have a choice to either go for traditional logs or settle on a contemporary experience with a firebox that boasts flares emerging from smooth, glass coals. What’s good about them is these fireplaces are vent less which implies they can be inserted anyplace in your home. Built-in units are zero clearance meaning they can be flush-mounted to tile, drywall, wall or other surfaces.

Plug-in Fireplace Inserts

A plug-in electric fireplace is somewhat same as a built-in fireplace with only few contrasts. It also has a glass door or glass front and is encased in a metal box with ember bed or logs. However, as the name sounds, plug-in fireplaces are accompanied with the plug kit connected and ready-to-use units with a standard three-prong electrical outlet.

Unlike built-in fireplaces, these are a 3’’ clearance units around their back making them an ideal choice for currently existing masonry fireboxes, or to be installed into a bookcase or a cabinet with sufficient clearance. These units have a remote control and come with optional accessories consisting of wall thermostats for selected variants.

Electric Fireplace Inserts – Choose What You Need

There are two unique designs of electric fireplace inserts to suit your varying needs. The above discussed built-in and plug-in fireplace make for one of these two designs – this is a square-shaped box with four sides and exists as a whole unit. Acquiring different shapes and sizes, they can fit into a masonry box, a freestanding mantel, or be part of an entertainment center or a cabinet. If you wish to relocate the unit within home, you can house it in a freestanding mantel or cabinet – and only need to place it near an electrical outlet.

The electric log set is the second type of design for an electric fireplace insert. It is put into an existing conventional masonry lined fireplace to change it into a more affordable, chaos and litter free fireplace.

It is a plug-in unit, implying that one thing required to use it is a close at hand electrical outlet. Most of these units are completely assembled or only need log placement which makes installation all the way easier. You can conveniently move them from one to another location, since they are not built-in.

Whether you settle on electric fireplace inserts or log sets, none of them requires gas fittings, holes in exterior walls, or masonry work. Also, there is no requirement for contractors since such units do not demand ventilation. The direct purchase cost is not as much as that of gas units since you do not need outside contractor as most homes and workplaces already have electric service in-place.

The Final Word

So, in case you are searching for an extraordinary option that offers pleasant environment and supplemental warmth at minimum cost, an electric fireplace insert is your solution.

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