Evaluation of the Top 5 Home Monitoring Systems

A home monitoring system keeps your home safe and secure. Often offering smart home integration, current home monitoring systems integrate seamlessly with your Wi-Fi network and digital devices. If you’re building your dream home, including a comprehensive system within your plans such as door locks, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, lights, water sensors and more is worth the extra effort. Whether you choose to use a local company or cloud storage, the best home security systems provide a superior level of active, reliable control and monitoring over your home environment.

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#1 Nest

Stylish and easy to install, Nest’s Secure Alarm System is one of the best smart home security solutions available. Allowing you to outfit your home with multi-purpose sensors, an alert is triggered when doors and windows are opened or closed and when motion is detected. Working to ward off intruders, the system boasts an 85dB siren, tamper-detection circuitry, 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless radios. The system also easily integrates with Nest cameras and a handful of third-party devices.

#2 Vivint

Offering around-the-clock home monitoring, the Vivint Smart Home security system responds swiftly when an alarm goes off. Controlled from a smartphone, a PC and a 7-inch touch-screen control panel, a Vivint system leaves it up to you to choose what action to take when an alarm is triggered. Vivint also offers in-home installation and setup via its own technicians. Vivint’s optional monthly plans provide the use of a dedicated mobile app and 24/7 tech support.

#3 LifeShield

LifeShield’s Smart Home Security is a flexible home security option that also provides control over numerous smart home devices, including door locks, smart plugs, thermostats and garage door openers. Easy to install and use, a LifeShield system offers both self and professional monitoring options. Amazon Alexa voice commands are also supported. With an 105dB siren and Wi-Fi, LifeShield’s Smart Home moves beyond a simple home monitoring system and allow you to gain control over all your smart home features and devices. Keep your home safe and secure with LifeShield’s comprehensive system.

#4 Abode

Providing everything you need for a do-it-yourself (DIY) security system, Abode has a base kit works with Amazon’s Alexa, IFTTT and Nest. Offering the ability to create automations and other advanced features, the Abode system is accompanied by Abode’s dedicated web app. Scalable hardware and monitoring, your entire home can be monitored without compromising performance. One of the best DIY security options, the system offers a built-in siren, door and window sensors, a battery-powered security camera and motion detector and a key fob for remote arming and disarming. To further advance an Abode system, various additional hardware accessories are available.

#5 SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is a home security hub that comes with various additional services. The hub offers multiple embedded sensors, movement detection and alarm monitoring. Sensors within the hub can detect and identify flooding, fires and many other natural disasters. Installation is easy and associated setup and use costs are low. Though designed to use sensors, the hub can also be used along with smart cameras. A one-hub-does-everything model, SimpliSafe is a great option for small homes and apartments.Current home security systems differ in terms of what’s offered. Some systems are DIY, while others provide professional installation. Regardless if you’ve lived in your home for years or looking at buying a house, it’s always a good idea to do a thorough evaluation of the top home security solutions to monitor your home with ease. Some systems offer local storage, while others offer a cloud storage and access fee. Top home security options offer superior performance and customization options. Secure and monitor your home effectively with a home security option that’s right for you.

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