Fastest Ways to Get a Credit Card

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More people are opting for credit cards due to the numerous benefits associated with them. Besides providing the convenience of making purchases without carrying cash, they can easily be used for making online purchases in mere seconds. To apply for a credit card, one can opt for either the offline or online mode of application.

Here are a few ways to get your credit card quickly without too much effort.

Apply Online: If you are looking for the fastest way of receiving your card, you should apply for a credit card online. It is a simple, easy and convenient method that requires submitting a simple application online. It contains vital details like your name, age, income details, address etc.

Apply for Cards that are Below Your Range: There are many types of credit cards available with different credit limits, reward points, general, luxury benefits etc. Not everyone is eligible for all kinds of cards. If you apply for a card that is below your range, you are more likely to get instant approval and hence, a faster delivery.

Check for Pre-approved Card:  Sometimes, the bank that you chose to have an account in sends you an option of accepting a pre-approved card based on your credit score. Before applying for a card, check if there are any pre-approved cards for you. This makes the process almost instant.

Request Expedited Shipping: Once the card is approved and issued, you can request for expedited shipping. This cuts down the time taken for it to reach your address.

Look for Instant Use Cards: The application process for a credit card is online and takes only a few minutes. The same goes with the approval process, considering that you have a good credit score. Although, it may still take a few days before you actually receive the plastic card in your hands. If you want a card immediately after the approval process, you can go for instant-use cards. Some co-branded credit cards which are actually the result of a partnership between merchants and issuing banks grant you immediate access to your credit line. This happens through an instant card number which you can start using immediately without waiting for the physical card to reach you.

Call the Issuer: The last way is to call the issuer and convey your need to get the card faster. They can then suggest ways to ensure faster card delivery.

Getting a credit card is normally an easy process. However, if you are less than 21 years of age, with no job or consistent source of income, obtaining it can be tough. In such cases, you should try to apply for a credit card in the bank where you already have an existing account. The existing banking relationship enhances your chances to get a card. In such cases, it is better to visit your home branch and apply offline after talking to a representative and putting up your case. Applying online in such scenarios will only lead to getting your credit card application rejected and making your credit score situation worse.

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