Four Devices That Will Give Anxious Parents Peace Of Mind

Every parent wants to keep their children as safe as possible, whether they’re playing outdoors or hanging out online. These four tools will give anxious parents peace of mind and keep their child protected in any situation.

1. Internet Monitoring Software

Kids as young as eight are accessing the internet and social networking sites on a regular basis. Most children have access to a desktop or laptop computer, and a large group also use mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

With all these different devices available, it’s easy for kids to gain access to questionable sites and start communicating with strangers. Even the most diligent parent can have a hard time keeping track of their kids’ online behavior without some additional backup.

This is where internet monitoring software comes in handy. These programs can provide a record of where a child goes online. They can also monitor communication and identify the people with whom your child is talking when they go online.

There are also programs that allow parents to set boundaries on which sites their child can visit.

2. Smart Car Seat

It’s easy for a busy parent to forget to double check their child and make sure they’re securely buckled into their car seats. But, a child who’s not buckled in properly is in serious danger if they’re ever in an accident.

Smart car seats are a great option to counteract this problem.

Many car seats are designed to alert the parent and let them know that their child’s car seat isn’t buckled properly. Some also have an alarm that tells parents if the car seat itself is loose. They may even automatically adjust to keep kids secure.

Many of these kinds of seats also have a function that alerts parents if their child is trying to climb out of their car seat. Others go so far as to warn a parent if they appear to be accidentally leaving their child in the car unattended.

3. GPS Locators

Wearable GPS locators used to be something parents only dreamed of being able to use for their children. Now, they’re a viable option for keeping track of kids when they’re out and about.

Smartwatches are one of the most popular GPS options on the market. There are also devices that can be clipped to a child’s jacket or backpack.

These locators typically link to a parent’s smartphone or tablet so they can watch and make sure their child is where they’re supposed to be, whether that’s at school, a friend’s house, or any other location. They also give kids an option to send a message to their parent or another authority in the event of an emergency.

Some high-tech models even come with a geo-fencing option. This allows parents to draw an electronic barrier denoting where their child is and isn’t allowed to go. When the child crosses that barrier, the parent will receive an alert.

4. Medical Alert Jewelry

For children with a serious medical condition like epilepsy, autism, diabetes, or severe allergies, medical alert jewelry that can save your life is a must. Parents can invest in a medical alert bracelet or necklace that gives them extra peace of mind knowing that their child can call for help in an emergency, even if they don’t have a cell phone.

Some devices can also double as a GPS locator, so parents will know exactly where their child is in the event of a medical emergency.

Most medical alert devices are durable, waterproof, and can be programmed so that all of a child’s medical information — including their name and details about their condition and medications — can be easily accessed by an emergency medical professional.

There are also lots of devices that are designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, so parents can find a bracelet or necklace that matches their child’s personal style.

Keeping children safe is a never-ending job. Luckily, these four devices can make the job a little easier. Of course, they’re no substitute for actively watching your child. But, they are great supplemental tools that can give anxious or busy parents some peace of mind.


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