Fun as a Family in Dallas

As a single mother, Leslie always found it a bit difficult to find time to do something fun. She was always running around with her two boys, Lukas and Noah, picking them up from sports practice or dropping them off at school if they missed the bus. Finally, she decided to make it a priority to travel somewhere with her sons for a special family vacation.

“When mom said we were going on a trip, I was so excited,” said Noah, the elder of her two boys. “We never went on a trip before, unless it was something with family.”

To keep things simple, Leslie decided to plan the trip to Dallas. It was close enough to their family home to be convenient, but far enough away that it had the allure and promise of being something new and exciting. In preparation for their vacation, Leslie decided to book a photographer with Localgrapher who could do a family photo shoot in Dallas.

“Already we didn’t have too many photos together as a family, and with the boys growing up so quickly I really wanted some special pictures for us to remember our time together,” Leslie said. “The trip seemed like a perfect opportunity to get family photos in a meaningful way. I could even convince the boys it would be fun; they would never get excited about going to some studio to do a photo shoot.”

Leslie already knew where she wanted to do the photo shoot. She arranged with the travel photographer to meet at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

“I always loved nature and the outdoors, and I’d heard how artistically arranged the Dallas gardens were. I thought it would be the perfect setting for family photographs, and I’m really lucky that the photographer was a local, since they knew a lot more about the gardens than I did,” explained Leslie.

The photo shoot was a success for everyone. Leslie got the family photographs she was hoping for, and the boys had fun playing together and touring the gardens. The photographer was also able to give Leslie some other suggestions about where they could visit in the Dallas during their remaining time in the city.

Both Noah and Lukas were interested in science, so she made sure to bring them to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, where they enjoyed the day looking at the various exhibitions and trying out the hands-on activities offered by the museum.

On the final day of their vacation, Leslie and her sons went to Reunion Tower. It had been at the top of both of the boys’ lists for places they wanted to see in Dallas, and the decided to save the best for last. They rode up to the observation deck of the iconic Dallas building for the excellent bird’s-eye view of the city stretched out below.

“I got some pictures of the boys there too of course. I’m so glad that I decided to look for a photographer for hire in Dallas to get professional photographs though. Mine were all right, but they just didn’t compare to the ones taken by an expert,” said Leslie. “We all had such an amazing time in Dallas, and even though it’s sort of close to home, it felt like we were worlds away. I’m happy knowing that years from now the boys will still have the vacation photos to look back on this time we shared together.”

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