Fun Facts About Sussex

Sussex is a county in England that’s full of rolling green hills, sheep, castle ruins, and beautiful beaches. Not only does this area boast picture-perfect scenery, it is a great region for those looking for a break from bigger cities such as London, Manchester, or Liverpool.

Before you head on your vacation to some holiday cottages in Sussex, take some time to get to know the history of the area so you can be fully prepared to take everything in once you get there. To get you excited about your upcoming stay, here are some fun facts about Sussex:

Hominid remains in Boxgrove

The oldest hominid remains ever found in the UK were discovered in this little town near Chichester. “Hominid” connotes the period of time before the Neanderthals, and the remains are dated to be half a million years old. A leg bone was found belonging to a man that archaeologists believe was about six feet tall, which was huge for that time period.

St. Botolph’s Church, Hardham

This small church, which is located near Pulborough, holds the earliest nearly complete series of wall paintings in all of England. This church is also the site of Britain’s oldest church bell. If you’re a fan of history, then it’s well worth a visit to see these old relics.

The battle of Hastings

History buffs out there may be surprised to find out that the infamous Battle of Hastings wasn’t actually fought in the city proper. Instead, it was fought on Senlac Hill, which lies about six miles away from Hastings itself.

In year 1066, the battle was fought between Harold’s Saxon army and William the Conqueror’s Norman fleet. Because of strategic positioning on Harold’s side, the Normans had to attack their enemy uphill, but they succeeded. Harold was captured, denied a Christian burial and dumped into a seashore grave. After this battle, William the Conqueror’s reign of Britain began at once.

Brighton Marina and Casino

The marina in the seaside town of Brighton is the largest of its kind in Europe. It has over 1600 berths and spans over 126 acres. Additionally, England’s first casino opened at the Metropole Hotel in Brighton back in 1962. It was the first casino to be built on land, whereas the only other casino in the country was a floating cruise ship on the Thames.

The Seven Sisters

You may be familiar with the famous White Cliffs of Dover, but Sussex has its own bunch of white cliffs to boast about: the Seven Sisters. These are white cliffs that form part of the South Downs in East Sussex, and are located between the towns of Eastbourne and Seaford.

Their color is due to the presence of white chalk in their stone sediment, and they are a striking balance between the green rolling hills on their tops and the blue sea lapping at their feet. Each hill, also known as “brows”, has its own separate name, and they’re called the Seven Sisters after a legend that refers to a seven sisters who each had a home in between the hills.

Sussex in Hollywood

There have been many sightings of areas in Sussex in big Hollywood blockbusters. Movies such as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Da Vinci Code, Pearl Harbor, A View to Kill (the James Bond movie), and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang were all filmed in Sussex towns like Eastbourne.

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