Gift Giving Confusion: What Do People Really Want?

If you’re a thoughtful person, getting someone a gift can be agonizing. You want to buy them something they’ll love, but you’re not always sure what they would be happy with. Even if you have a good idea, there’s always the chance that they already have what you get them, or it doesn’t go down well. When you look for ideas, lots of people tell you what the hottest gifts are this year. But how can you find out what people really want to receive as presents?Gift Giving Confusion: What Do People Really Want?

Pay Attention to People

The best way to find the right gift for someone is to listen to them. Don’t just listen when they talk about things they want but when they mention what they like doing too. Everyone is an individual and likes different things.

Physical Gifts or Experiences?

Many people go straight for material gifts when they’re shopping. However, there is research that indicates that people often prefer experience gifts. So instead of buying a scented candle, a gift voucher for a day at a theme park could be the better choice.

Giving Someone Choice

Should you ever pick gift vouchers or cards? If someone is tricky to buy for, it can be a great option. Many people appreciate being able to choose their own gift. And you can still show you know them well by picking a favorite store or brand.

Check Out Buying Habits

Looking at what people buy is a good way to determine what they want. If you have a look at shopping habits, you can see what people buy for themselves and what they get to gift to others.

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  1. If you’re giving a gift to someone close to you, then paying attention to things they talk about or what they buy or what they look at when they window shop can be really helpful in choosing something.

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