Gifts For Moms That Can Be Engraved

Shopping for gifts for your mother can be a tough job. You want to get her something that she would love, after all she is your mother. You can never go wrong with personalized gifts that show your mother how much you actually love her. They add that special touch that touches the hearts of mothers and make the gift more sentimental. You can easily make almost anything personalised now with the help of engraving. We have some gift ideas you can consider that will surely melt your mother’s heart.

The Perfect Birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas Gift for Mom

Personalized engraved wooden frame

Nothing melts a mother’s heart than sharing memories with her. The best way to share memories is through pictures. You don’t want to just give her printouts, you need something to give the picture in and a beautiful frame with a message from you would only make the gift more touching. There are numerous different ideas for things you can get engraved on the frame from quotes that express how much you love your mother to the basic “I love you.” You can also have your name printed on the frame so it will be something that she cherishes for years to come.


Personalized engraved jewellery

Jewelry tend to be the most popular gifts for women. It isn’t different for mothers, seeing as they are women. The most popular personalized engraved jewelry that you can find are rings, necklace, and bracelets. Each have their own charm, if you want to go all out then you can one of each for your mother. You can have almost anything engraved on them while most people prefer to have names, initials, and or “I love you” printed on them.

Engravings on the ring are typically smaller due to the size. Bracelets being bigger can have more longer text printed, so you can consider that if you have a longer message for engraving.


Personalized engraved mugs

Typically when you think of personalized mugs, you think prints. Yes, most people tend to get things printed on mugs. However, engraved mugs is also an option. One that actually lasts longer and looks much better. What you get engraved is up to you but the quality of a nice, sturdy thermos type mug with a sweet message for your mother engraved will only make her coffee much more sweeter.


Personalized engraved keychain

Nothing reminds your mother how much you love and care for her than her being reminded of it every time she picks up her keys. You can get a stylish and elegant keychain with your name engraved on it with hearts for your mother that will remind her of you each time she goes out. She will surely love it.

Add a little personal touch to gifts not only add sentimental value to them but also allows you to personalise the gift to cater to your mother. There are numerous different material you can get engravings done on with wood and steel/metal items being the most popular ones that is why frames and jewellery are common items to have engravings on. One of the most popular cutters used for engraving is the CO2 laser cutter which makes the engravings with precision.

As personalised gifts become more and more popular, we will see engravings in almost anything you can imagine. Which will add a little more love to the gifts we buy for the ones we love. A macaroni frame you made when you were young can only last so long, so you are better off getting your mother an engraved item that will last for much longer.


  1. I appreciate this post and recommendations. I will be looking into an affordable laser cutting machine soon.

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