Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mom. <3

mom and riley

My beautiful mom would have been 63 today.  Today is the first birthday she will have in heaven, though.  I can’t believe it’s been almost a year that God took her from this Earth.  As hard as it is for me, I know that she will be having the best birthday she has ever had.

Today, I am going to try not to think about the fact that she’s not here to physically celebrate her birthday, but celebrate her new life.  I want to keep her memory alive, especially with Riley.  I don’t want her to forget her grandma.  That’s one of the hardest parts of losing my mom; her not being around for Riley, or any other future grandchildren.  So I have to do what I can to make sure Riley doesn’t forget.  We are going to go up to mom’s grave with cupcakes and sing Happy Birthday to her.

I know that my mom would not want me to be sad.  Although I can’t promise that I won’t cry (I would be breaking that promise right now, honestly), I promise to try and remember the memories we did get to share.

I love and miss you, mom.  I hope you feel my love for you all the way in heaven. Happy birthday!  <3


  1. Happy birthday to your mom. I am sorry for your loss and sad that she can not be here for you to celebrate with her. She will always be with you though.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your mom. I think it is wonderful that you are celebrating her birthday. I am sure she will be proud.

  3. The best testaments to your moms life is you and your family. We celebrate her life with you

  4. My mom passed away several years ago and it was incredibly tough on me. This post is very sweet and your mom sounds like she was a wonderful lady.

  5. Happy birthday to your mom. Sending hugs and blessings your way.

  6. Those first year landmarks are almost as hard as when they first leave us. The 1 year mark of passing, the 1st birthday after, the 1st Christmas. It is all so hard. We are going on the 3 year mark of when my niece, nephew and sister passed. And those special days are still really hard to face. But day to day life does get a little easier with the passing of time. My heart and prayers are with you all. Happy birthday to your mom. And may you all have comfort through all of the firsts this year.

  7. What a sweet tribute to your mom on her birthday. Your daughter will know how wonderful she was through you. 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday to your Mum – it sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate her x

  9. Happy birthday to your mother, your love for her is for surely being felt by her.

  10. Awww, such a sweet post! I love the way you try to look at the bright side.

  11. Lawna Noe says

    Happy Birthday to her! I bet she is in heaven reading this post and smiling down on you. Nothing replaces a mothers love. I know that when I lose my mom, part of my heart will be lost too.

  12. Happy Birthday!! Hope you able to work through this hard time. But what a wonderful picture to enjoy!!

  13. Remembering the joys of her life is the perfect way to handle it. It’s very hard, I know. (I lost my dad), but it gives peace to think of all the wonderful memories.

  14. I am so sorry for your loss. I know you find comfort in those precious memories. Praying for strength for you to get through today.

  15. How awesome that you are making sure your little one remembers Mom– unfortunately, I just wrote a blog post about death, and life, today.

  16. Happy Birthday to you mom! Please accept my condolences. This is a great post!

  17. Happy Birthday to her!
    I’ve had a bit of a fallen out with my mom and this post just reminded me ho call her and just get over it!!

    SIP to your mom! 🙂

    Keep in Touch(ed)<

  18. AW what a sweet post. Happy birthday to her, remember all the joyful times you had. I’m sorry it’s hard

  19. Happy Birthday to your mom. Times like this are especially tough but it sounds like you had a great relationship and many great memories. I love your attitude and how you will be celebrating her birthday. She will have a Heavenly Birthday this year.

  20. Aww. So sad. I’m so thankful to still have my mom and dad here and healthy.

  21. What a very sweet post, I just want to hug you. Happy Birthday to your mom!!

  22. Happy Birthday to your mom! I’m sure she is watching over you at this very moment! I’m sure she is proud of you and the mom that you are yourself!! It’s ok to break your no tears promise!

  23. Happy birthday to your mom. I’m sorry for your loss and I think this is a lovely way to remember her and share her memories with your child.

  24. Happy Birthday in heaven to your mom. I am so sorry for your loss.

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