Here is Why Education In Costa Rica in 2018 is the Big Thing

Costa Rica is a warm tropical country with awesome nature and rich culture. We know Costa Rica for being an exotic travel destination and a perfect place to learn the culture of Latin America. What we usually don’t talk about is Costa Rican education, the one which is ranked 20th in the “Global Competitiveness Report 2013–14 for its great quality and high competitiveness. Hence, looks like it’s about time to about education system in Costa Rica and find out why it’s so highly regarded by the experts.

5 must-knows about education in Costa Rica

Before we go to describing the reasons for the success of the education in Costa Rica, let’s look at the overall system:

  1. As in most countries, school system in Costa Rica is divided into three types: pre-education for kids of age to 7 years, primary education (starts in 6-7 and ends in 12-13 years), and secondary education (to 17-18 years). After completing these three stages of education, the next step is to enter colleges and universities.
  2. Schools are free, high education is both free and paid. In Costa Rica, there are five public universities which educate dozens of thousands of students. You might think, it’s not enough for a country. However, colleges in Costa Rica are affordable for the middle class. Private schools in San Jose cost half as much as public universities in the US.
  3. Most programs are taught in Spanish. If you’d rather study in English, there are international programs as well. Keep in mind though that they will cost more.
  4. In private schools, you can even learn in the US-based system. It’s especially comfortable for the US students because there is no need to readapt.
  5. Education develops rapidly since the government is very invested in the system. That’s why the current literacy rate in Costa Rica is 97.8%, according to UNICEF research in 2015.

Now when you know all the basic, let’s answer that one main questions. What are really the advantages of studying in Costa Rica? We all know that student years are not only about getting decent knowledge and skills but also the possibilities of future employment, not to mention entertainment and new experience.

What are the actual opportunities in Costa Rica?

Studying in Costa Rica is a great adventure. You have time for out-of-the-school activities since the educational programs are not difficult for American or European students. Even if some difficulties appear along the way, professors are friendly to international students and always ready to help. You won’t be stuck with the home assignment or with writing superb one all day (but if you worry about research papers, check out this site if you want your dissertation done by an expert). Studying is not the only activity you have in Costa Rica. There are many other things to do – and we collected the best ones.

  1. To Live La Pura Vida

When the New Economics Foundation set out their scientific team to find the happiest country on earth, turned out, it’s Costa Rica. Recently, the country was named the happiest not only once but twice. Why wouldn’t it be? Just a reminder: the average life expectancy is 80 (even higher than in Japan). Studying in Costa Rica, you are not just going to university, you are going to be happy.

  1. Education really matters here

You know how in the US and Europe students constantly worried about whether they are actually going to benefit from their degrees or not? Well, in Costa Rica, it’s not a concern at all. Educated professional is highly supported by government and also very demanded in private companies. Here is a little fact: when the army of Costa Rica was abolished in 1949, the Ministry of Culture promised it would be replaced with an army of teachers. The country, where learning matters more than guns, is perfect for education.

  1. Up-to-the-minute healthcare

Another interesting fact: according to the World Health Organization, Costa Rican healthcare system is ranked higher than in the US. The best part is, the public healthcare facilities are extremely well-developed. It means you don’t have to pay thousands and dozens of thousand dollars in case emergency arrives.

  1. Save so much more

It’s not a secret that studying abroad is usually expensive. However, that’s not the case with Costa Rica. Comparing to most Latin American nations, Costa Rican prices really make sense. To get you a sense of possible expenses, we’ll just say that one bedroom apartment in San Jose will cost you less than $500 per month. Comparing to what you’d pay in the US or in Europe, the prices are unbelievable.

  1. Learn how to hablar Español

Learning a new language in Costa Rica is the best experience a student can get. Instead of perceiving a foreign language as an obstacle, look at it as a privilege. You will study your field and learn Spanish in Costa Rica – all at the same time. Combined with few other languages, you’d have a ready career of a translator.

We promised you 5 key advantages, but in fact, there are many others. Awesome nature, tropical forests, gorgeous climate – there are all your rewards for studying in Costa Rica.

Why wait for some special occasion to come around? Visit the websites of universities and contact their representatives, they always answer students’ request.

Studying in Costa Rica is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Go for it!


Bio for Robert Everett

Sandra Hayward is a writing team leader in Essay Vikings, Ph.D. in theoretical physics. When studying for bachelor degree, Sandra participated in the exchange program in Costa Rica where she studied cosmology and astrophysics. She describes it as ‘two best years of his long student life’ because of the great nature, friendly professors and the memories of real friendship. It’s studying in Costa Rica that provided the inspiration and motivation for new scientific projects and academic accomplishments.

Now Sandra leads the division of writers in Essay Vikings, making assignments and creating creative projects. She describes it as a great opportunity of always coming back to student years, learning something new, doing awesome tasks. However, Sandra doesn’t only write. She also travels, collects impressions and constantly looks for new experience. Now Costa Rica, the place he loved as a student, is her favorite destination, a great place to relax, work and create.

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